Tacoma Overland Bed Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Bed Rack (05+)

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  • Tacoma Overland Bed Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Bed Rack (05+)
  • Tacoma Overland Bed Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Bed Rack (05+)
  • Tacoma Overland Bed Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Bed Rack (05+)
  • Tacoma Overland Bed Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Bed Rack (05+)
  • Tacoma Overland Bed Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Bed Rack (05+)
  • Tacoma Overland Bed Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Bed Rack (05+)



Code: VT23XBR

Weight: 160 (lbs)

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      This universal bed rack system allows for mounting almost anything, (rooftop tents, kayaks, bikes, snowboards, shovels, axes...) freeing up valuable bed space for other trip essentials. Designed to fit over a Softtopper & Bestop Supertop for Truck¹, maximizing storage space. Comes coated with a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish.

      • CNC cut and formed from 1/8" steel
      • Easy bolt together installation
      • Bolts into the factory bed rail system or clamps onto the bedsides (no drilling required).
      • Locking storage doors with struts that can be installed to flip up or down.
      • Will not work with factory bed cover.
      • Powder coated
      • 350lb dynamic (on-road) weight limit²
      • Hardware Included
      • Made in the USA
      • Free shipping!

    ¹ Top folding feature not supported, although you can pull the top bows from the side rail pins to remove or fold the top down. Roll up side and rear window "safari mode" works as intended.

    ² Serious offroading with this much weight on rack is not recommended. Use your discretion when loading the rack and with vehicle speed when driving on jarring terrain. Vehicle instability or damage may occur.

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25 Questions asked on Tacoma Overland Bed Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Bed Rack (05+)

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Q Zack • 10/13/2021, 5:38:11 PM Will this work with a diamondback bed cover?
A 10/18/2021, 12:46:26 PM No, it will not.
Q Kyle • 10/25/2021, 1:10:32 PM Does this sit higher than the top of the cabin allowing me to put something on it and it will be above my cabin?
A 10/26/2021, 4:28:15 PM Yes it does. It will sit at the same height as our roof rack on the cab.
Q Abraham • 10/31/2021, 3:46:17 PM Would this work for a Tacoma with a 6’ bed or is there future plans for a 6’ bed version?
A 11/11/2021, 10:31:34 AM Yes, it can be installed on a 6' bed. There are no current plans for a 6' bed specific rack.
Q Tom Fetters • 11/14/2021, 4:17:43 PM I know it has locking side doors.. is there a locking back door option that closes down to tailgate ?
A 11/15/2021, 10:14:26 AM There is not.
Q Braden • 12/01/2021, 9:24:14 PM What is the weight of this rack with the doors? It isn't listed in the product page.
A 12/06/2021, 3:53:40 PM About 120lbs.
Q Mike • 01/07/2022, 5:43:00 PM Can this be ordered without the swing doors and with center panels as shown in photos 3,4,5?
A 01/12/2022, 11:00:59 AM No, all of these parts are included in the product.
Q Garrett • 02/12/2022, 9:44:22 AM Will this work with the Bestop Supertop for truck 2?
A 02/16/2022, 9:33:45 AM Yes it will
Q Aaron • 02/27/2022, 4:44:52 AM Will this work with a retrax bed cover non-Tslot version. ? Please let me know. Thank you
A 03/04/2022, 2:04:39 PM We have not tested anything but the Softtopper and Bestop Supertop at this time.
Q kenneth • 05/23/2022, 7:22:25 PM will this fit over a stock camper shell cover? same height of the cab 5 ft bed
A 05/24/2022, 5:10:52 PM It will not, it's designed for soft toppers only.
Q Laramie • 05/25/2022, 12:41:58 PM Looking for an alternative ladder rack for aluminum ladder. Feasible option?
A 05/25/2022, 3:02:12 PM Should work fine to mount a ladder, although anything you put on top would be closer to the cab when mounted than a standard ladder rack.
Q Kirk Maxwell • 05/28/2022, 2:23:13 PM Would I still need to purchase a Tacoma topper rack to mount roof tent, kayaks, etc.? I want the same height as your cab roof rack. Thanks!
A 06/09/2022, 3:18:46 PM The top of this overland bed rack is designed to be even with the top of our cab rack.
Q Dan • 06/09/2022, 10:29:39 PM Any plans to make the overland bed rack for colorado/canyon?
A 06/22/2022, 2:01:57 PM Not at this time.
Q jay • 07/31/2022, 2:05:18 PM does this come with swing doors on both side or just one side?
A 08/15/2022, 4:26:45 PM It comes with both sides.
Q Keith • 08/08/2022, 4:28:06 PM I bought this rack about two years ago and the paint is starting to wear off resulting in rust spots. I have read the painting tutorial but am not sure which rattle can paint color will most closely match the factory powder coating. Satin Black, Textured Black, or Hammertoe Black?
A 08/15/2022, 3:42:54 PM Rustoleum Textured black is a close match that is readily available.
Q James • 11/04/2022, 0:00:44 AM What is the static weight capacity?
A 11/14/2022, 1:36:34 PM We have run 650lbs or so static on the shop truck without issue.
Q Albert Tolentino • 11/07/2022, 5:02:25 PM Can this fit hard shell tuffstuff alpha tent?
A 11/14/2022, 12:42:37 PM Yes, although you may need to add a pair of crossbars if the Tuffstuff rail width doesn't match our rails.
Q Brandon • 11/09/2022, 8:07:38 AM I know this was already answered but over a year ago so looking to see if it has changed. Will there be a 6" bed option?
A 11/14/2022, 1:15:04 PM We do not.
Q Dustin • 11/16/2022, 10:01:55 PM Will it work with other brand roof rack such as prinsu? if not what is dimensions / height from bed top railing to the top of bed rack?
A 11/18/2022, 2:57:05 PM It should work fine with other racks similar to ours.
Q Martin • 12/26/2022, 12:09:04 PM Can I add this to a 2016 Chevy Colorado with a GatorTrax MX electric tonneau cover? I’m trying or find one that’s compatible and be flush to my roof rack I want to buy from you guys.
A 01/03/2023, 2:29:09 PM We have yet to test that combination. It would likely need modifications to work.
Q JACOB • 12/27/2022, 6:23:03 PM I am trying to figure out the best inside cover for this rack, similar to the one in the pictures.
A 01/03/2023, 11:50:39 AM It is a Softopper Truck Bed Cap.
Q Dustiin Mac • 01/15/2023, 2:26:28 AM Do you guy’s manufacture a 3rd brake light? Or a mount?
A 01/20/2023, 4:48:49 PM We don't manufacture or sell one, but it's easy to add a universal one to the backmost crossbar.
Q Ryan Taylor • 03/04/2023, 7:50:48 PM Will the Overland Bed Rack sit above the shark fin, or do you have to do a relocate?
A 03/13/2023, 12:27:03 PM The overland bed rack and our roof rack clear the shark fin.
Q Ken • 03/08/2023, 4:14:09 PM How tall is the rack as in from the bed caps to the top of the rack
A 03/13/2023, 12:13:56 PM 22.75"
Q Grant • 05/05/2023, 4:54:31 PM What are the dimensions for the roof/side rails?
A 05/08/2023, 3:25:47 PM Please contact our customer service team and we can help with dimensions: https://www.victory4x4.com/CTUS.html
Q steffan • 05/14/2023, 3:03:29 PM Can the soft top be removed and installed without having to take off or take apart the bed rack?
A 05/22/2023, 5:22:56 PM You likely could remove the topper without removing the full bed rack, however it may require some slight disassembly to gain enough clearance.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
3.00/5 Stars out of 1 Review
Overland bed rack
(Wenatchee) | February 12th, 2023
Great packaging for shipping. All required parts and hardware. Unfortunately several issues with bolt holes/slots lining up properly. Had to drill out for all 4 corners where the uprights mount to top side rails. All cross brackets between were too snug of fit and had to be more than forced (yes all bolts still lose for adjusting as much as possible.) doors also off alignment from lock mechanism latching causing very difficult closing/opening. Installed one flip up and one fold down. (Still not sure how to remedy this yet). All in all, It is put together and functional as a RTT/Gear rack minus the doors function. And lots of powder coating scuffed off from the process of making this all fit together. Would still recommend as an overland bed rack. Maybe just don’t count on much use of the doors.
Note From Victory 4x4: Mike, please reach out to out customer service team and we can help figure out what is going on. We'd love to make sure you can get the full functionality of the rack. There is a "Contact Us" link on the top menu bar you can use.

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