Tundra Front Winch Bumper | Strike | 2nd Gen (07-13)

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  • Tundra Front Winch Bumper | Strike | 2nd Gen (07-13)
  • Tundra Front Winch Bumper | Strike | 2nd Gen (07-13)
  • Tundra Front Winch Bumper | Strike | 2nd Gen (07-13)
  • Tundra Front Winch Bumper | Strike | 2nd Gen (07-13)
  • Tundra Front Winch Bumper | Strike | 2nd Gen (07-13)
  • Tundra Front Winch Bumper | Strike | 2nd Gen (07-13)
  • Tundra Front Winch Bumper | Strike | 2nd Gen (07-13)
  • Tundra Front Winch Bumper | Strike | 2nd Gen (07-13)
  • Tundra Front Winch Bumper | Strike | 2nd Gen (07-13)
  • Tundra Front Winch Bumper | Strike | 2nd Gen (07-13)
  • Tundra Front Winch Bumper | Strike | 2nd Gen (07-13)

Price: $1,549.00


Code: VTU2FS

Weight: 115 (steel) | 70 (aluminum) (lbs)

      Victory 4x4 Tundra Strike Front Winch Bumper | 2nd Gen (2007-2014)

      When you need extra tire clearance, maximum protection, plus recovery options for your Toyota Tundra; our Strike Series front bumper is a perfect choice. This made in the USA bumper features an integrated 20" lightbar mount, 3/4" recovery tabs, plus provisions for many industry-standard winches. Available tubework option includes a bull bar for extra front end protection.  The bumper is available in a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish, or in bare metal

      • CNC cut and formed from .188" steel or .250" alumuinum.
      • Tubework option includes 1.75" x .120" and 1.25" x .120" tubework for added grill protection.
      • Will fit non-integrated solenoid winches up to 12,000lbs
      • Light mounts designed for XL Cube lights.  Rigid XL, Baja Designs XL, Etc.
      • Built in provisions for a 20" single row light bar (22" max mounting width)
      • Bolt-on Installation.
      • Hardware Included.
      • Proudly designed and made in the USA.

      Listed weights are with no tubing; single hoops and prerunner tube work add roughly 10 lbs in steel, 5lbs in aluminum; full grill and light protection tubing adds 30 lbs in steel, 15lbs in aluminum. (Not all tubing options are available on all bumpers.)

      *We will contact you after the order with a quote for freight, average costs for freight are between $150-$350 depending on location and address type.

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9 Questions asked on Tundra Front Winch Bumper | Strike | 2nd Gen (07-13)

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Q Zach Carpenter • 04/20/2020, 11:11:39 PM What’s the torque spec on this bumper?
A 04/21/2020, 11:50:04 AM The bumper to frame bolts should be torqued to 40 ft/lbs
Q Ruben • 07/04/2020, 1:49:04 PM Can this bumper accommodate Harbor Freight BADLAND APEX 12K lbs. Wireless Winch. The winch in questions is similar to the Warn Zeon 12-S
A 07/07/2020, 2:39:07 PM Yes, but you may have to relocate the solenoid pack.
Q karim abouheif • 07/06/2020, 11:09:33 PM What’s the weight for the steel?and for the aluminum?
A 07/07/2020, 2:39:07 PM 115 lbs in steel and about 60 in aluminum.
Q Josh Williams • 07/21/2020, 12:07:55 PM Which would you say is stronger the steel or aluminum bumper?
A 07/21/2020, 3:37:30 PM Steel is ultimately stronger.
Q Jeff • 09/07/2020, 10:19:07 AM Does the Victory Front Skidplate mount up as nicely to this bumper, as it does to to the 3rd gen bumper?
A 09/09/2020, 3:00:07 PM It sits slightly lower than on the 3rd gen as the bumper mounts slightly higher.
Q Dennis Eichers • 09/13/2020, 8:21:18 PM On a 2nd Gen do you have to remove the crossbar in front of the radiator and side plastic pieces? Video only shows 3rd gen and doesn't go into that detail. Thanks
A 09/24/2020, 11:35:33 AM The install guide linked on the product page goes into detail on this. If you have any other questions on the install, please feel free to reach out directly.
Q Scott Amstutz • 10/22/2020, 8:50:27 AM Are there any options for parking sensor fitment?
A 10/26/2020, 5:00:50 PM Not at this time.
Q Joshua • 01/23/2021, 10:16:36 PM How big of winch can you fit in this bumper?
A 01/25/2021, 12:06:24 PM The bumper is designed around most standard 8, 10, 12k winches.
Q Josh Williams • 04/29/2021, 7:52:44 PM How well would this bumper work with Advanced Fiberglass concepts 4" flare 2" rise aftermarket fenders?
A 05/05/2021, 1:00:12 PM We have not tested that specifically.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
5.00/5 Stars out of 1 Review
AWESOME front bumper for the tundra
(Austin, TX) | March 21st, 2020
Love my new front bumper for my 07 tundra. Looks amazing! The install was a little tougher than I expected, and there was no installation guide besides the youtube video. Moving the cooler and hardlines for the cooler is necessary even if you don't have a winch. Was hard to get the bumper on straight to align with mounting holes. But once installed, I'm super happy !! It will fit a 20" rough country lightbar IF you sand / grind down the ends. I had to take about 1/4" off each side with a benchtop sander to get it to fit.

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