4Runner Rock Sliders | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)

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  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)



Code: V4RSL-BL

Weight: 130 (steel) | 70 (aluminum) (lbs)

    Blitz 4Runner Rock Sliders | 5th Gen (2010+)

    Designed to be used as a serious rock slider, a useful step, and add entry/offroad lighting. They are proudly made in the USA are available in a 2 stage satin textured black powder coat over durable zinc primer finish, or in bare metal.

    • CNC cut and formed from 3/16" steel or aluminum (legs and mounting plates remain steel on aluminum option).
    • Built in Hi-Lift Jacking points front and rear.
    • Built in LED Rock Lights (lights included).
    • Includes mounting hardware.
    • Some drilling (two holes on passenger side) required for heavy wheeling use.
    • Proudly designed and made in the USA.
    • Compatible with KDSS with some slight modification, not compatible with XREAS.
    • 10-13 & Limited models require removing the rocker trim.
    • Not compatible with V8 4Runners.
    • Aluminum option is aluminum outer skins only, mounting brackets are still made from steel for strength.

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32 Questions asked on 4Runner Rock Sliders | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)

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Q Zachary • 04/03/2020, 10:26:02 PM What gauge wire is used provided with the sliders?
A 04/06/2020, 2:43:37 PM Only LED light pigtails are provided. Wiring is up to the customer.
Q RC • 05/13/2020, 6:13:42 PM Does the aluminum version come with hi-lift jack slots?
A 05/15/2020, 1:52:09 PM Yes.
Q Craig • 05/27/2020, 2:41:48 AM Are the Al sliders able to take the weight of the vehicle without any major concerns?
A 05/27/2020, 3:57:49 PM Yes, no problems.
Q Kevin • 05/27/2020, 11:31:38 AM If the legs/mouting are steel on the aluminum sliders. How is the aluminum section attached?
A 05/27/2020, 3:57:49 PM They are bolted on.
Q Beavis • 05/28/2020, 7:06:30 PM Will these work on a 2016 4 Runner Limited?
A 06/01/2020, 10:08:59 AM You would need to remove your rocker trim on the limited.
Q Tuan • 07/14/2020, 12:19:51 PM Are these too long to fit the FJ cruiser?
A 07/15/2020, 1:48:15 PM We hope to have an FJ version soon.
Q Ken • 08/02/2020, 1:45:21 PM What is weight of the steel and the aluminum version?
A 08/05/2020, 11:51:45 AM Weight: 130 Steel | 70 Aluminum (lbs)
Q Andres • 08/14/2020, 6:34:26 PM i have a 2020 limited. Do i need to fully remove rocker trim or can i trim it 1 3/4in to make it fit. (This will fit nfab products)
A 08/18/2020, 11:15:37 AM We have not tried that here in the shop, so we can't be sure.
Q Travis • 08/25/2020, 0:19:13 AM Is the 70 lb for aluminum each or for the set?
A 08/26/2020, 9:15:50 AM For the set.
Q Kevin • 10/12/2020, 2:53:31 PM I am concerned about the opening in the slider and riveted badge might internally expose the slider to water and lead to rust
A 10/16/2020, 3:25:50 PM The sliders are coated inside and out with zinc rich primer and black powdercoat.
Q Matt • 10/26/2020, 7:56:00 PM What is the weight difference between aluminum and steel one?
A 11/03/2020, 4:03:33 PM Weight: 130 Steel | 70 Aluminum (lbs)
Q Ryan • 12/16/2020, 8:35:38 PM What is the amp rating for each light pod?
A 12/23/2020, 5:37:41 PM They draw about 0.25amps a piece.
Q Brandon • 12/29/2020, 10:39:39 PM Will this fit a 2021 limited if you remove the rocker trim or is it not compatible at all?
A 12/30/2020, 5:10:18 PM With the rock trim removed or modified (cut) they would work, yes.
Q Ryan • 02/08/2021, 9:52:17 PM What is the wire gauge of the LED light pigtail?
A 02/15/2021, 12:52:47 PM 18ga
Q Michael Powell • 02/20/2021, 2:34:44 PM Just watched the video on install. As these go on a Toyota any chance that you guys could change all bolts/allens etc.. to metric? Why make people carry SAE and Metric into the woods incase something needs repair.
A 03/01/2021, 4:43:01 PM We use SAE hardware for a variety of reasons, more options and availability being a big one. For all the 1/2" hardware you can just use a 19mm if that helps slim your kit down.
Q Mike Schildt • 03/04/2021, 7:43:44 PM Can the Blitz sliders be fabbed up W/O led ports, just Hi- lift Jack ports ? Thanks
A 03/05/2021, 10:13:02 AM All Blitz sliders will include LED and Hi-Lift locations.
Q Travis • 03/30/2021, 4:04:29 PM How many amps does each LED pull?
A 04/02/2021, 1:17:54 PM They draw about 0.25amps a piece.
Q Bill • 07/08/2021, 12:08:16 PM What are the dimensions of the LED lights? Can you swap them out for a more powerful model, such as Baja Rock lights?
A 07/08/2021, 2:01:38 PM The sliders have 2" on center mounting holes for the LEDs with a .75 LED opening diameter.
Q Jason • 07/08/2021, 6:31:20 PM Do the sliders have a grip-type texture on top to help when stepping on them in the rain to get into vehicle? I want to avoid slips that could occur on wet metal.
A 07/23/2021, 10:58:16 AM They do not, but you can easily add grip tape to the top of them.
Q Jesse • 08/21/2021, 3:15:28 AM How much will these cut down on your clearance?
A 09/02/2021, 3:39:52 PM They are higher than the bottom of the frame.
Q Joe Horner • 09/27/2021, 8:06:26 PM Will these be available for 4th gen 4runners soon and will they be compatible with the stock step light wiring harness?
A 09/28/2021, 3:24:32 PM We don't currently have plans for Blitz Sliders on the 4th Gen.
Q John Gottes • 09/28/2021, 4:55:38 PM How long is the formed alum section. Do they not fit the 4th gen because they are too long, or too short?
A 10/05/2021, 5:33:34 PM We hope to release a 4th gen specific option soon.
Q Ian • 10/05/2021, 5:40:08 AM Will it fit on my 2021 T4R SR5 premium ?
A 10/05/2021, 5:33:34 PM Sure will.
Q Gabe Newbould • 11/21/2021, 2:44:14 PM Will this fit on a 2022 4runner TRD off road premium? I know you said "10+" but just want to be sure. Also, Black Friday deals? :D
A 12/07/2021, 11:10:37 AM Yes, they will! No BF deals on the sliders, just MOLLE and Roof Racks.
Q Paul • 12/30/2021, 3:42:58 PM What is the length on these? might custom fit it on my 3rd gen 4runner.
A 01/04/2022, 5:34:47 PM They are roughly 64" long.
Q Austin • 01/24/2022, 1:47:41 PM What is the width of the slider? Meaning about how far out do they protrude from side of vehicle?
A 01/25/2022, 10:45:35 AM About 4.25"
Q Marco Herrera • 02/24/2022, 11:26:08 PM If I decide not to drill the 2 holes in the passenger side, will the slider will still be able to lift the vehicle with the high lift?
A 03/04/2022, 2:04:39 PM All recommended fasteners need to be installed for use as rock slider or jack point.
Q owen • 10/31/2022, 3:02:54 PM do these come in a set? or its 1549$ each?
A 11/03/2022, 12:16:41 PM They come as a set.
Q Keifer • 11/09/2022, 6:31:45 AM When you say that the rock sliders protrude 4 1/4 inches out. Where is that measured from? Is it the outside door skin? Frame? Or the lip of the inside of the door edge?
A 11/14/2022, 12:42:37 PM From the outside of the rocker panel just underneath the door.
Q Jamie • 11/22/2022, 8:10:31 PM The description says holes need to be drilled on passenger side for serious wheeling — is this on the vehicle frame or on the passenger side slider? What modifications are needed to accommodate KDSS?
A 12/01/2022, 10:54:56 AM You need to drill a hole in the passenger frame rail. For KDSS, you need to trim the KDSS skid tab so that you can reinstall it (this will make sense when you see it.) The slider covers KDSS skid locator tab hole in the frame.
Q Tony • 01/02/2023, 10:39:54 PM Are the lights on both sides of the sliders or do you just choose the location?
A 01/03/2023, 11:20:11 AM Yes, there is a light at the front and rear of each slider.
Q Trevor Larsen • 02/19/2023, 11:49:49 AM Can you give some more details on a KDSS install? Photos/diagrams would be helpful prior to purchase. Is the required modification to a part of the slider or to the KDSS system? Thx
A 02/23/2023, 11:42:16 AM For KDSS, you need to trim the KDSS skid tab so that you can reinstall it (this will make sense when you see it.) It's a pretty simple modification. The slider covers KDSS skid locator tab hole in the frame. Sorry we don't have any photos of that modification at this time.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.40/5 Stars out of 5 Reviews
Love the finished look of these sliders
(Encinitas, CA) | May 15th, 2021
I really love the early design of these sliders and bought these shortly after they came out. I had them installed and the lights hooked up; and within three weeks, someone on the freeway decided to change lanes into the side of my truck at 75 MPH! The sliders did an amazing job of protecting my 4Runner from major damage with only some powder coating removed. Not even a dent! It was like being in a tank! I'm confident these will hold up no matter where I go and what I do. They look absolutely fantastic on my truck, and I added some grip tape to the top surface for a nice, finished look and all-weather grip. The only tiny thing on my wishlist is if they had powder coated the hardware black too - specifically the visible screws. I get a lot of nice comments about my truck and the Blitz sliders are a prime reason. I am extremely happy with my purchase and with the customer support I received from Victory. I would definitely buy them again and recommend them to any new 4Runner owner.
Blitz sliders
(Socal) | August 17th, 2020
Love the looks. Easy install even on the kdss. Best part is they are awesome to work with.
Blitz Rock Sliders
(CA) | June 27th, 2020
I love the look of the sliders. The install was a nightmare! The first step of attaching the feet tells you not to tighten them down until you install them, but then you cant access the allen bolts. I basically had to make my own allen tool to get in and tighten them. The video shows a version where you can reach inside, but the new version only has a small hole that your hand won't fit into. The install took me 7 hours and I'm pretty mechanical. The sliders were missing one hole shown in the install document and I had to drill a new one myself. They are nice, but be ready to work for it.
Looks good
(Washington) | August 30th, 2019
Once on the 4runner they look great. High quality thick steel. I’m sure they will easily handle being a jack point without damage. They are hard to mount though, even with a car lift. Definitely need two people and some pry bars. The video isn’t as thorough as some of their other videos, their design has changed a little. They will work as sold for running boards but if you wanted to use them as rock sliders there are holes in them in the video that are not in the product now that you would want to redrill.
Solid Quality, Looks great
(CA) | January 9th, 2022
Got these in over a year ago, worked great, looks even better when they were installed. Installation was a pain on the drivers, as I ran into the same problem the other review had, not tightening the allen bolts until the slider was installed. Passenger side was installed in minutes. But if you have KDSS, I'd watch your lines after installing them. Mine were laying on top of the legs in the rear, and when I installed them, it sort of pushed the lines up, fast forward 1 year later, I noticed the rubber sleeve on my KDSS lines have been cut from rubbing and vibrating on the rock slider leg. So I too these off and sold them, as I don't want to have KDSS problems down the road
Note From Victory 4x4: Hey Ryan, thanks for the review, we haven't seen issues with the sliders cutting into KDSS lines, but you could always replace those rubber line guards with something more substantial in that location if you were seeing rubbing on your specific install.

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