Chevy Colorado Rock Sliders | Strike | 2nd Gen (15-22)

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  • Chevy Colorado Rock Sliders | Strike | 2nd Gen (15-22)
  • Chevy Colorado Rock Sliders | Strike | 2nd Gen (15-22)
  • Chevy Colorado Rock Sliders | Strike | 2nd Gen (15-22)
  • Chevy Colorado Rock Sliders | Strike | 2nd Gen (15-22)
  • Chevy Colorado Rock Sliders | Strike | 2nd Gen (15-22)
  • Chevy Colorado Rock Sliders | Strike | 2nd Gen (15-22)
  • Chevy Colorado Rock Sliders | Strike | 2nd Gen (15-22)



Code: VC2SL-ST

Weight: 120 (lbs)

      Rock Sliders for Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon | 2nd Gen (15+)

      Designed to be used as a rock slider to protect your truck offroad, as well as a step.

      • Main structure built from strong 2 x 3 x 3/16" box tubing.
      • 1 3/4" round outer tubing. Side tubes and gussets usable for safe step entry.
      • Bolt-on installation.
      • Made in USA.

      Ships freight only! Rate calculated at checkout. Please contact us with any questions:

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17 Questions asked on Chevy Colorado Rock Sliders | Strike | 2nd Gen (15-22)

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Q Preston Adame • 03/23/2020, 11:41:04 PM Will these work on a full size bed as well since there is no real change to the cab size ?
A 03/25/2020, 3:11:33 PM The long beds have different frames so these will not work on those at this time.
Q Wes • 07/29/2020, 11:48:57 AM Will this actually work as rock sliders? Is the metal thickness able to carry the weight?
A 08/05/2020, 11:01:24 AM They are designed to be rock sliders, yes.
Q Jason • 09/07/2020, 1:53:59 AM What is the individual weight of the sliders.
A 09/09/2020, 3:00:07 PM 60lbs per side
Q Lee Combs • 10/07/2020, 7:44:41 PM Will these rock sliders fit on an Extended Cab Long box?
A 10/16/2020, 3:25:50 PM Just crewcab short bed at this time.
Q Connor • 11/26/2020, 0:02:21 AM Will these work with crew cab short bed ZR2’s? (Specifically asking about 2018 model year if it matters)
A 11/30/2020, 5:04:51 PM Yes
Q Connor • 11/26/2020, 1:54:49 PM Will these work with crew cab short bed ZR2’s? (Specifically asking about 2018 model year if it matters)
A 11/30/2020, 5:04:51 PM Yes
Q Will Shepherd • 01/01/2021, 3:27:09 PM What steel are these made from?
A 01/07/2021, 1:16:37 PM The main body is 3 X 2 X .188 A500, the tubes are 1.75 x .120 A513 HREW
Q Pete Gordon • 01/01/2021, 9:52:39 PM How wide is the step surface or overall width of the Chevy Colorado ZR2 Rock Slider from door-bottom edge? (Is it wider than OEM rock slider? Looking for a little more step surface than OEM slider which is really not a step.)
A 01/04/2021, 10:08:18 AM The step surface is just over 7" wide.
Q Kevin • 01/03/2021, 8:03:25 AM How far do these stick out from the outer edge of the rocker panel? Are they slip resistant or would you recommend adding some strips of anti-skid tape?
A 01/04/2021, 10:28:30 AM The step surface is about 7" wide. They can get a little slick when covered in snow/slush. You can add grip tape or coat the top side with a textured bed liner to add some slip resistance.
Q Pete Gordon • 01/21/2021, 8:04:30 PM What are the torque specs for the hex-head hardware bolts and especially the body mount bolts? No intructions included in packaging. Very impressive build: stout!. Just finished installing. Straight forward and your video helpful.
A 01/25/2021, 11:34:30 AM 30 ft/lbs on the hardware that goes into the rocker panels, 100 ft/lbs on the 14mm body mount bolts.
Q Benjamin • 01/29/2021, 5:54:54 PM Will the rock sliders fit on my 2021 Colorado Z71?
A 02/02/2021, 12:30:16 PM Should not be an issue. You would have to remove any factory steps that may have come on the appearance package first, however.
Q Dominic • 02/10/2021, 11:23:24 AM Any update on plans for an extended cab, long bed set of sliders for the Colorado?
A 02/15/2021, 12:52:47 PM Nothing in the works yet.
Q Will • 05/05/2021, 0:14:52 AM What is the advantage of getting powder coating vs bare steel? Is the basic steel still black?
A 05/05/2021, 1:19:38 PM The raw steel is unfinished metal. It is not coated in any way. It will rust without a coating.
Q David • 08/20/2021, 3:46:42 PM Can I use a Hi Lift Jack on this rock slider to change a tire
A 09/02/2021, 3:39:52 PM Yes
Q tom black • 04/16/2023, 11:13:11 AM do you have a model that fits a 2020 colorado extended cab long box?
A 04/17/2023, 7:59:35 PM We only have crew cab short bed sliders at this time.
Q Karen • 09/29/2023, 4:33:21 PM Does this fit the 2023 z71 model
A 12/04/2023, 12:02:49 PM It does not, but we are currently working on a set that will. The plan is to have it available within the next month or two.
Q Gary Herndon • 02/21/2024, 4:50:54 PM When ordering, the quantity of 1. Is that 1 pair or just a single slider?
A 05/31/2024, 3:37:41 PM A quantity of 1 would be a pair.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
5/5 Stars out of 6 Reviews
Fantastic sliders
(Kansas City, MO) | June 26th, 2022
I bought these for my 2022 ZR2 and am absolutely thrilled with them. Installation took minimal time and was very straightforward. The mounting holes lined up much better than expected and mounting them was a very easy process overall. They look great on the truck and I like them considerably better than the stock ones sliders. I feel these provide better protection and my wife appreciates the step. They were backordered when I bought them so I had to wait several months; however, Victory was very up front about it.
Strike Rock Sliders
(Kentucky) | June 15th, 2022
Quality is impeccable. Very sturdy design. They look amazing without being excessive. REAL slider functionality while also providing a step. Service was great and the items shipped way before the estimated date.
Improved over factory
(California) | May 2nd, 2022
I replaced the factory rocker panel protection on my 2021 ZR2 with these true rock sliders. These provide much better function and protection for the truck. They extend out past the door protecting your truck on the trail and in the parking lot. The secure footing for passengers for a tall, lifted truck, is great as well.
Great product!
(Arizona) | May 11th, 2021
I can't say that I have tested them out to their fullest (haven't landed on them coming off an obstacle), but I feel fairly comfortable that I have them on my ZR2 to protect my rocker panels or support the weight of the truck if I have to maneuver off an obstacle. After a lot of research, I chose these Sliders/steps from Victory 4x4 based on the heavy duty build and 2 body mounts (in addition to the 4 factory panel mounts). And, the price was very reasonable. The tapered ends to reduce blunt force impacts moving/slipping forward or backward off or into an object, is forward thinking and good engineering by Victory 4x4. While I don't consider myself nor my rig a true rock-crawler, I did build and use my rig to accomplish some fairly technical off-roading and to navigate pretty rough terrain. These sliders also provide about an additional 4-6 inches of step, where the original/OEM quasi-sliders provided no step. Wish I could upload a picture of my install for you...
(Colorado) | September 25th, 2020
I have been very impressed. The rock sliders look good and mount very securely from 6 points per side. They feel like a part of the truck not just an add on My original steps would flex and feel flimsy, not these Thanks Victory
great worth the money
(NC) | August 17th, 2020
buy once cry once these things are great and the company is awesome to work with on their customer service
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