GX Transmission & Catalytic Converter Skid Plate

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  • GX Transmission & Catalytic Converter Skid Plate
  • GX Transmission & Catalytic Converter Skid Plate
  • GX Transmission & Catalytic Converter Skid Plate
  • GX Transmission & Catalytic Converter Skid Plate




Weight: 36 (steel) | 18 (aluminum) (lbs)

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      The Victory 4x4 Mid Skid is designed to protect your truck in serious rock crawling.

      • CNC cut and formed from 3/16" steel or 1/4" aluminum (mounting brackets will be steel on aluminum option)
      • Frame mounted
      • Hardware Included
      • Fits GX470, GX460, and V8 4th Gen 4Runner (03-09)
      • Made in the USA
      • Free shipping!

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8 Questions asked on GX Transmission & Catalytic Converter Skid Plate

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Q Luke • 12/28/2020, 2:26:07 AM Will this skid plate fully cover the secondary catalytic converters on a V8 4th gen 4runner?
A 12/30/2020, 4:56:07 PM It will cover most of them.
Q Joseph Lee • 01/09/2021, 7:17:56 PM Do I need the front skid plate for this one to fit? Or can I just put on a mid skid plate without the front.
A 01/15/2021, 6:07:12 PM You can run the mid skid by itself, yes.
Q Darrin Roush • 01/27/2021, 11:24:54 AM Can I combine this mid/trans skid plate with my OEM front skid plate? I have ordered this part and may be ordering the transfer case one as well, but the front one will have to wait until the budget allows. Thanks!
A 02/02/2021, 1:37:13 PM You would need to modify the OEM front skid quite a bit to get everything to work together.
Q Konstantin • 02/26/2021, 11:59:58 AM Can you please confirm whether these GX mid and transfer case skid plates are an out-of-the-box fit for the early (2003/4) V8 models (4Runner or GX) with only three cats and the very low-hanging exhaust crossover BEFORE the crossmember in front of the transfer case without raising or rerouting the exhaust? For example, CBI has this disclaimer: "If you have an 03-04 V8 the rear skid plate will not fit on your 4runner, due to the exhaust routing being in a different location than all later models. If you have a V8 in an 03-04 please contact us for possible solutions." You can see this crossover in the upper left section of this diagram: https://parts.lexus.com/a/Lexus_2004_GX-470-47L-AT/_50016_6719909/EXHAUST-PIPE/781450-1702.html Thank you!
A 03/08/2021, 1:18:58 PM Or skid gives you 1.5" of exhaust clearance under the crossmember. If your crossover pipe hangs lower than that you could shim the skids down further under the crossmember. Please contact or customer service team for any assistance [email protected]
Q Luke • 07/03/2021, 4:40:43 PM Just received my mid skid but there are no instalation instructions on the website. Are there any other instructions besides the video? The video isn't for a 4th gen V8 4runner
A 07/08/2021, 2:01:38 PM Please contact our tech support team and they can help you with the install, we are still working on those instructions.
Q Rob • 09/08/2021, 11:56:58 PM Can this mid alone (or in combination with) front and/or transfer skid (either or both also needed?) to adequately protect catalytics from being stolen (at least a strong deterrent) on a V8 4th gen 4Runner (2007)? TIA
A 09/09/2021, 2:00:07 PM This mid skid would be a strong deterrent for catalytic theft. It can be installed alone (may need to overlap factory front skid some).
Q Scott • 04/03/2023, 2:09:13 AM Does the mid skid plate fit with the OEM GX460 front skid plate without modification?
A 05/01/2023, 12:21:58 PM No, this requires you to cut off the factory “hanging tabs” that are on the top side of the factory skid plate.
Q Kevin • 11/01/2023, 7:09:33 PM What is the total weight of this setup? the skid plate + cat + transfer case on steel ? also does the aluminum setup come in black color or is it silver? Thank you
A 11/10/2023, 12:03:06 PM Please reach out to our sales team. [email protected]
★★★★★ ★★★★★
5/5 Stars out of 1 Review
Stout Quality
(Texas) | May 26th, 2021
I purchased the front skid plate, the mid skid plate and the transfer skid plate because all three of these fit together perfectly. I know how heavy duty these are because I installed them myself in my driveway and got an incredible workout lifting all 120 lb to get these things on (they're roughly 40 lb apiece). Unless you have a lift and a transmission jack at your disposal, I highly recommend getting some help and not installing them alone like I did. They look amazing and they even make my GX bit more aerodynamic as I drive down the road because there's a smooth flat surface underneath.
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