Universal Cargo Basket

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  • Universal Cargo Basket
  • Universal Cargo Basket
  • Universal Cargo Basket
  • Universal Cargo Basket
  • Universal Cargo Basket
  • Universal Cargo Basket
  • Universal Cargo Basket
  • Universal Cargo Basket
  • Universal Cargo Basket
  • Universal Cargo Basket




Weight: 45 (lbs)

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    A universal storage solution! Designed to mount on top of our bed racks, hang below using our Universal Cargo Basket Mounts, to stock roof rails, trailers...the sky's the limit!

    • Bolt together assembly
    • Coated in a 2 stage satin textured black powder coat over durable zinc primer finish
    • Includes assembly hardware and 4 T-bolts used to mount the basket
    • Made from .125" aluminum with extruded aluminum rails
    Roughly 47" x 47"

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24 Questions asked on Universal Cargo Basket

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Q Mike Lewis • 04/16/2020, 1:08:15 AM Speaking of universal cargo basket, how do you mount with spare tire? I know tire mount is not going to fix in basket. Thank you, Mike
A 04/17/2020, 6:53:08 PM Honestly, a good quality ratcheting strap is the best bet unless you want to modify the basket floor for a tire mount.
Q Mike • 04/16/2020, 2:08:42 PM Do you have mounts to attach on top of a Land Cruiser 100 series?
A 04/17/2020, 6:38:01 PM As this is meant to be universal, we do not have mounts for that exact application. The extrusion on both products makes bolting them together with some simple brackets pretty easy, however.
Q Lane Nageotte-Taylor • 04/25/2020, 7:13:57 PM What bed cover is on this Gladiator? Didn't know they made one that fits with a bed rack
A 04/27/2020, 3:26:23 PM Access Roll-Up. See this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so5ocpZcGcM
Q Darcy • 04/27/2020, 2:18:21 PM Will Maxtrax fit inside the basket? I believe they are 45" and the basket is 47", but wanted to make sure before ordering.
A 04/27/2020, 3:26:23 PM Yes they will.
Q Darcy • 04/27/2020, 2:20:48 PM I'm not clear on how this is mounted. Will the basket mount to a Prinsu Tacoma Cab Rack? How is that done? Thanks!
A 04/27/2020, 3:26:23 PM The basket is universal, and the bottom has aluminum extruded rails as your roof rack has. We don't offer any brackets to mount the basket directly to a roof rack, but any method you can use to join extrusion would work, small right-angle brackets using t-nuts, or even brackets that tie the sides of the extrusion together.
Q Adam L • 05/07/2020, 10:49:04 AM Do the brackets to hang the basket come with the basket? Additionally what do the brackets look like? If I am hanging the basket, what is the weight limit that is was built for?? Please let me know.
A 05/07/2020, 4:02:09 PM The brackets to hang the basket are no longer available. We do have brackets to mount it on our bed racks though, see product VRK-BSK-MNT-PC
Q Adam • 05/07/2020, 10:50:09 AM How tall are the basket sides?
A 05/07/2020, 4:02:09 PM 4" from the bottom of the rack structure and 3" from the rack floor.
Q Vu Le • 05/11/2020, 1:47:49 AM How far apart are the extruded aluminum bars? Are they adjustable? I'm trying to see if I can use this as a mid rack with my setup. Thanks.
A 05/11/2020, 2:36:52 PM About 15", not they aren't adjustable.
Q Angel Viera • 07/04/2020, 6:05:57 AM How does this Basket mount to the top of the bed rack I purchased for my 19 Tundra? We had to install it with the rack mounts below the top of the rack. I wanted it actually to mount like you have pictured on your site. Like the Gladiator
A 07/07/2020, 2:39:07 PM You use t-nuts to bolt the extrusion of the basket through any of the holes on top of the bed rack.
Q Aaron Dufour • 07/27/2020, 8:16:40 AM Looking at mounting this on top of my 2017 Toyota 4Runner TRD off road as a roof basket. Would I need any additional hardware to mount it or just what comes with the kit?
A 08/05/2020, 11:01:24 AM We don't include hardware to mount this as it's a universal fitment. You would need to come up with a mounting solution for your specific situation.
Q Trevor • 08/11/2020, 1:07:12 AM Weight?
A 08/11/2020, 5:32:46 PM Weight: 45 (lbs)
Q Kevin Krouse • 08/21/2020, 11:56:00 PM Planning to get your standard size roof rack for my 18 4Runner. Could this cargo basket be mounted on top of your roof Rack for those times when I want sides to keep smaller items from sliding around. Straps are just not enough sometimes for flat racks but I like the ability to remove when I have the use for the flat rack. Prinsu makes cargo basket kit which is handy but I would prefer to buy your rack.
A 08/26/2020, 10:01:29 AM Yes, but the are the same width, so the best bet to mount them would be our RTT mounts. Code: VRKRTT (https://www.victory4x4.com/product/VRKRTT.html)
Q Jan Alamares • 09/30/2020, 1:21:04 PM Would this easily mount on CBI overland bed bars?
A 10/01/2020, 1:40:01 PM We haven't tested that specifically, but it's pretty easy to mount on most racks.
Q Frank Meade • 02/22/2021, 9:46:04 AM Considering running a RSi SmartCap on my 2021 Tundra TRD Pro. Was looking at Prinsu racks but wondering if Victory would be good option. Question is this: if I want to install CAB roof rack and a rack on the SmartCap, can they be made level (for holding a fishing kayak). If so, what would you recommend in terms of product codes? Thanks!
A 02/22/2021, 4:24:52 PM Checkout VRKCAP and VTU23RK. It looks like the SmartCap sits a bit higher than the cab/other caps, so the cap rack might be higher than the cab rack. We have not test fit on a SmartCap.
Q Ryan • 03/05/2021, 10:38:29 PM Wanting to use this with V4RRK-CS-5G-PC rails on my 2021 4Runner SR5. Do you have a recommendation connecting these items and is there a front fairing available, or should I look at another item, already have the cross bars.
A 03/08/2021, 1:18:58 PM We don't have a fairing for this, but you should be able to attach the basket directly to your rails with our t-slot nut and bolt kit (046-0059)
Q Patrick Deocares • 06/17/2021, 11:27:42 AM Hello, I have a CBI bed bars for my 2020 Tacoma since this is a Universal Rack would this fit or sit on top of the CBI bed bars? Just wanted to confirm or get any input before I order. Thanks, Patrick
A 06/25/2021, 11:39:28 AM It would sit on top of the bed bars, but we don't have a bolt-on solution for mounting it to the bars. You may have to get creative on that.
Q Dean • 07/03/2021, 9:04:47 PM What’s the max load you can put in the basket that’s mounted on a bed rack
A 07/08/2021, 2:01:38 PM We have no official recommendations on capacity. That said, we've had ours loaded with lots of firewood pretty regularly.
Q Jessica Johnson • 07/15/2021, 1:36:20 PM Does this fit on a 2015 SR5 4Runner? I have two cross bars on the vehicle already, would I need extra?
A 07/23/2021, 11:15:25 AM It's universal, so it fits wherever you want to attach it. It would pretty easily bolt to our Roof Rack Crossbars (https://www.victory4x4.com/product/V4RRK-CS.html)
Q Adam • 08/24/2021, 7:39:25 AM Would this work with a rci bed rack on a tundra?
A 09/02/2021, 3:39:52 PM Sure, we don't provide any mounting hardware though, so how it mounts would be up to you.
Q Adam • 08/24/2021, 8:10:05 AM Will this fit on a kb voodoo bed rack for a tundra? I like your bed racks, however I don't like the access tonneau roll up covers, which is why I'm going with a bakflip revolver x4s. Do you know if your bed racks will work with the bakflip revolver x4s?
A 09/02/2021, 3:39:52 PM Sure this will fit that rack, we don't provide any mounting hardware though, so how it mounts would be up to you. Our rack does not work with the backflip, mo.
Q James • 01/11/2022, 1:55:16 PM I'm looking to get this along with the modular bed rack you offer for the 2016 Tundra (cab height 18" version) What is the width at the top of the rack in comparison to the basket?
A 01/12/2022, 10:43:26 AM The top of that rack is roughly 55" wide.
Q Kevin N • 02/28/2022, 1:58:10 AM i plan to remove the middle plate from this universal basket, Would i be able to use this in the middle? VRKACM-PC will the lines line up? otherwise is the VRKACM-PC large enough that i could drill holes to make it fit? I plan to buy your universal spare tire mount. please confirm. thank you!!
A 03/04/2022, 2:04:39 PM The Roof Rack Accessory Mounts are smaller in dimension than the center panels are. Honestly, usually, we just toss a tire in the basket and secure it with a good-quality ratchet strap. The Smart Straps Tactical 10' Ratchet Tie Downs look great and work well for this in our experience.
Q Zach • 11/05/2022, 3:27:01 PM Will this fit the overland bed rack? Also any plans on making a headache panel that fits it? I unfortunately didn't fully read the description and bought the one for the other racks haha.
A 11/14/2022, 12:42:37 PM It would fit on top, yes.
Q Neil • 05/24/2023, 11:34:14 AM Will this bolt on directly to VABR-5-PC or VMSBR-HALF-5-PC?
A 05/24/2023, 11:41:41 AM Yes, it can be bolted to either bed rack.

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