Tacoma Bed Side MOLLE & Accessory Storage Panel | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)

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  • Tacoma Bed Side MOLLE & Accessory Storage Panel | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Bed Side MOLLE & Accessory Storage Panel | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Bed Side MOLLE & Accessory Storage Panel | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Bed Side MOLLE & Accessory Storage Panel | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)

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Weight: 7 (lbs)

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    Tacoma Bed Side Molle and Accessory Storage Panel | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)

    Designed to maximize the storage space by utilizing the bed side. Offers customizable mounting for tools and gear. Comes coated with a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish.

    • CNC cut and formed from .120" steel.
    • Sold individually
    • Compatible with flush mount Toyota LED bed light kit (2020+ version Toyota PN: PT857-35200)*
    • Works on either side of the vehicle.
    • Mounts using bed rail system.
    • One size fits all! 
    • Includes Hi-Lift mounting hardware.
    • Proudly designed and made in the USA.
    Not compatible with the surface mount Toyota Bed Lighting Kit (00016-34187, 00016-34089, PT948-35160, and similar.)

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Q Brandon • 03/30/2020, 0:29:10 AM What is the best way to install a 48" hi-lift jack on a 2019 tacoma longbed? Just installed the panels and the hilift jack wont fit in between the wheel well and toneau cover. I tried to flip it around but now the heaviest part of the life isn't able to be secured with the long bolts.
A 04/06/2020, 1:46:00 PM There is a photo of jack mounted on this product page. If that won't work with your cover you can either remove the handle and install it lower, or replace the bolts with longer ones to be able to flip the jack. If you are still having trouble please contact us at [email protected]
Q Adam Scarbro • 04/01/2020, 7:52:27 PM Hi, in the video you said the panels will work with tonneau covers. I was curious if it would work with the Bakflip MX4 since it requires the bed rail to be lowered.
A 04/06/2020, 2:43:37 PM These will not work with lowered rails without modification.
Q Bryan • 04/11/2020, 11:56:35 PM I have a Paragon Cover, which uses the existing rail system holes (needed to remove the existing rail system), was wondering if this would still be compatible with the cover or will it shorten the width of the bed; making it too tight of a squeeze to use both the Paragon cover with this accessory? (I'm trying to find an alternative way to mount my 3 Gallon Rotopax I have below the bed line cover, that doesn't require the rail system to tap into since it needed to be remove for the retractable Paragon rail system)
A 04/17/2020, 7:10:31 PM We have not installed our MOLLE panels with that cover, but from the looks of their install instructions, our panels would not be compatible under our recommended install. We aren't sure if there is a way you could modify the brackets to work or not.
Q Lawrence • 04/19/2020, 5:21:03 PM I have a Gator EFX Hard Fold Tonneau Cover. Will this work with my cover, since it does use the existing rack system.
A 04/20/2020, 3:13:59 PM Should work fine with that cover.
Q Anthony • 05/12/2020, 10:11:18 AM Will these work with an Extang Trifecta 2.0 cover?
A 05/15/2020, 1:52:09 PM Yes
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★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.88/5 Stars out of 8 Reviews
Molle bed panel
(Dickinson Texas) | September 20th, 2020
I really love the look and fitment of this product. Really easy to install and very functional. My only complaint and it's not about the product itself but about whoever you have powder coating these pieces. They aren't very thorough with coating the product. I haven't had my panel very long and it's already showing rust spots in a few places.

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