Tundra Front Skid Plate | (07-21)

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  • Tundra Front Skid Plate | (07-21)
  • Tundra Front Skid Plate | (07-21)
  • Tundra Front Skid Plate | (07-21)
  • Tundra Front Skid Plate | (07-21)



Code: VTU23SD-GN

Weight: 40 (lbs)

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      The Victory 4x4 Front Skid is designed to protect your truck in serious rock crawling. Removable oil filter panel and oil drain hole make oil changes easier than with the stock skids.

      • CNC cut and formed from 3/16" steel or 1/4" aluminum
      • Frame mounted
      • Hardware Included
      • Made in the USA

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26 Questions asked on Tundra Front Skid Plate | (07-21)

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Q Sean P • 04/21/2020, 12:39:23 PM What is the weight difference between alum and steel for the Tundra gen 3 front skid plate?
A 04/23/2020, 4:41:41 PM Aluminum weights about half of steel.
Q Christopher Pipkin • 08/10/2020, 11:17:28 PM Will this work on a 6” lifted tundra?
A 08/11/2020, 5:32:46 PM Not if it has a drop cross member.
Q Louie184 • 10/05/2020, 11:35:29 PM Will this work with a 4”F/2” R SST lift kit from Ready Lift?
A 10/06/2020, 2:10:22 PM We only see a 3/2" kit on their site, it would work for that. It will not work for any kit with a drop crossmember up front.
Q Louie184 • 10/06/2020, 3:04:35 PM Here's the kit from Ready Lift: https://www.readylift.com/4-f-2-r-sst-lift-kit-toyota-tundra-2007-2018.html I don't think it has a drop crossmember up front. I do see a diff drop-kit included. Here's what the website says, " Differential drop spacers and skid plate spacers with new hardware are also included." I'm just not 100% sure if it is compatible. Any confirmation if it will fit?
A 10/16/2020, 3:25:50 PM Our skid will fit no problem, but you would need to add our skid drop hardward (part: VTU23SD-DROP) to work with the diff drop.
Q Taylor Stevens • 10/15/2020, 7:12:41 PM Will this work with the factory center bumper cover if we are not using your winch plate shown in the photo?
A 10/16/2020, 3:25:50 PM It works fine with the factory bumper.
Q Eddie • 12/08/2020, 10:05:27 PM Will this work with an Aries brush guard installed?
A 12/09/2020, 4:56:08 PM We have not tested that. If they share similar mounting holes there may need to be modifications to either.
Q Zack • 01/15/2021, 10:47:26 AM How much does the steel version weigh? I'm debating what spring rate to order
A 01/15/2021, 6:07:12 PM 40lbs, the aluminum is roughly half that.
Q Jay • 03/26/2021, 6:08:29 PM I have a 3" lift with the fox coilovers from bds ....will this work?
A 04/02/2021, 1:31:55 PM As long as it's not a drop bracket kit from BDS, yes.
Q Nate K • 04/02/2021, 4:42:35 PM Would this work with the cbi tundra baja front bumper
A 04/12/2021, 1:13:17 PM We haven't tested with that bumper.
Q Rob • 05/26/2021, 12:39:26 PM Does this cover the cat converters? Looking for theft protection
A 06/04/2021, 10:30:55 AM It's not really designed for cat protection, although it does cover them somewhat.
Q Robert Yerby • 07/25/2021, 10:55:18 PM Hi! Luv this product! I want one. One question however. How closely does the "profile" of this skid match the standard factory skid{non-TRD)? I'm concerned about compatibility with front receiver hitch. Thanks much for your time and consideration!
A 08/12/2021, 3:19:21 PM Sorry, we have not tested with a front receiver hitch and can't comment on compatibility.
Q Steve Bellport • 09/04/2021, 11:19:18 AM I just got your front skid plate. Nice work, awsome quality. I am now looking at a lift and wanted to make sure this lift would fit. 2017 Toyota Tundra ARB Old Man Emu 3 Inch Lift Kit (Heavy Load) - OMEKIT-007
A 09/07/2021, 1:57:58 PM It will fit, unless your lift includes a diff drop. In which case, you will just need to space the skid down.
Q George • 09/09/2021, 7:30:00 AM Hi, will this work if I have a Fumoto drain valve installed?
A 09/15/2021, 3:12:01 PM Yes it will
Q Jake Rice • 12/14/2021, 10:41:36 PM Will this work with 2wd 2015 Tundra?
A 12/15/2021, 10:23:59 AM We have not yet test fit on a 2wd truck.
Q Joel R • 01/02/2022, 3:34:09 AM Stupid question I’m sure but will this work as a direct fit for the factory skid plate on a stock 2011 limited? Smashed my factory one and I’m slowly upgrading my truck.
A 01/04/2022, 5:34:47 PM Yes it will.
Q Jammie Hice • 05/22/2022, 1:15:05 PM Can this be used with the Rough Country 4" lift? -- https://www.roughcountry.com/toyota-suspension-lift-kit-75130c.html
A 05/25/2022, 10:35:43 AM It can not. The skid won't work with a drop bracket lift.
Q Steve Park • 11/03/2022, 3:10:24 PM Will front skid plate work without transfer case plate? Got front skid plate but not sure how to secure rear side on...
A 11/14/2022, 12:42:37 PM Yes it will, please contact our customer service team and we can help on the install.
Q Cai • 11/16/2022, 7:43:51 PM Hi, I already have a cat shield along with my stock skid plate. Looking to replace this with my stock skid plate, will it interfere with an aftermarket cat shield, taco tunes?
A 11/18/2022, 2:57:05 PM We haven't tested those together. They likely will interfere with each other.
Q Ian • 01/09/2023, 11:03:08 PM Will this skid plate work with an Icon Stage V suspension? Thanks.
A 01/10/2023, 12:51:06 PM Yes it will work. If that kit includes a drop for the diff, you will also need to install these with our skid: https://www.victory4x4.com/product/VTU23SD-DROP.html
Q Momo • 04/25/2023, 5:21:31 PM We installed a Transferflow 46 gallon tank to our 2018 Toyota Tundra. Will this skid plate fit and is it for the entire underside?
A 05/01/2023, 1:08:01 PM This is just the front skid. We offer a fuel tank skid, but it's incompatible with the Transferflow tank.
Q Mike • 05/02/2023, 1:29:08 AM Will this skid plate have clearance issues with a diff drop installed?
A 05/08/2023, 4:09:06 PM Add this spacer kit to the skid with a diff drop kit: https://www.victory4x4.com/product/VTU23SD-DROP.html
Q John doe • 05/19/2023, 11:04:23 AM Will this skid rub with 35s on bilstein 1.9 lift?
A 05/24/2023, 12:10:58 PM No, it will not rub.
Q Cai • 06/01/2023, 3:14:10 PM I have a preinstalled cat shield. Does the rear mounting hole share the same mounting?
A 06/22/2023, 11:34:04 AM Please reach out to our customer support team with pictures. [email protected]
Q Benjamin • 07/22/2023, 11:12:12 AM Two questions. Will this work for my 2010 stock TSS Tundra, and is the steel tougher than the aluminum? Thanks!
A 11/21/2023, 2:56:34 PM Yes, this will not affect TSS and yes, steel is overall stronger than aluminum.
Q Brad Starkweather • 09/16/2023, 12:12:37 PM I have a leveling kit on gen 2 (2012) tundra- what skid plate can I get ?
A 10/19/2023, 4:15:59 PM This skid will work with leveling kits and lift kits. You will however need to add out diff drop bolt pack if you have installed a differential drop. https://www.victory4x4.com/product/VTU23SD-DROP.html
Q Ryan Milne • 12/26/2023, 9:02:34 PM How far back does this skid protect? Does it cover the trans pan.
A 12/27/2023, 4:29:38 PM It does, please skip to minute 4:09 in the install video to see the rear mounting location for the skid plate.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
5/5 Stars out of 4 Reviews
Very impressed, and happy!
| November 5th, 2022
I'm Very satisfied with product and customer service. From the beginning, Victory was the only company of the well known skid makers that actually replied to my email. I ordered the steel front skid, and was actually surprised how well it was packaged. They packaged like it was a piece of glass. Upon opening, very impressed with the build quality, this thing is stout. For how I use my truck ( light overlanding, hunting, camping) , no doubt this thing will last the life of the vehicle....unlike my factory skid. Installation was very easy and straightforward. installed in 30 mins in driveway with floor jack by myself. Love the oil filter door. Overall I am very happy and satisfied. And remember the only people who wrote back to me.
Note From Victory 4x4: Thanks for the kind review, Andrew! Glad you love the skid.
Excellent Product
(Arizona) | January 9th, 2021
I couldn't be happier with the skid plate!
Well Built
(South Dakota) | October 20th, 2020
The manufacturing is very good on this skid plate I ordered the steel version and it arrived well packaged. The only thing is if you have a lift or leveling kit with the diff drop installed you will need to buy the extra skid plate diff drop kit as well which is $59.00. I didn't know this until the skid plate arrived and I was watching the install video. Had to wait another 3 to 5 weeks for it to get made and shipped out too me. Overall great product and looks like it should last a longtime.
Good stout skidplate
(Texas) | February 15th, 2020
Looks good, fits, and stout I would recommend to a friend.
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