4Runner Pet Divider | 5th Gen (10+)

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  • 4Runner Pet Divider | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Pet Divider | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Pet Divider | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Pet Divider | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Pet Divider | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Pet Divider | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Pet Divider | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Pet Divider | 5th Gen (10+)



Code: V4R-PET

Weight: 19 (lbs)

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    Designed to add MOLLE storage and keep pets safely in the cargo area. Comes coated with a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish.
    • Cut and formed from .120" steel.
    • Requires two Rear Window MOLLE Panels (not included) to mount. See related products below.
    • No drilling required!
    • Works with or without the Upper Shelf or Interior Cargo Basket.
    • Proudly designed and made in the USA.

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5 Questions asked on 4Runner Pet Divider | 5th Gen (10+)

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Q Hunter • 10/29/2022, 5:43:21 PM Will this fit with the overhead storage rack or only the middle one?
A 11/03/2022, 12:22:43 PM You can run either or both shelves with this.
Q Quan • 11/10/2022, 6:49:06 PM How much weight can you mount onto the divider itself?
A 11/14/2022, 1:24:19 PM We recommend a 25 lb weight capacity, evenly distributed.
Q Lindsey Brunsman • 11/24/2022, 12:26:21 PM it says I have to buy the window portions as well to install the pet guard??? what if I dont want my windows covered, and just want to install the pet guard only?
A 12/01/2022, 10:38:33 AM Yes, the window MOLLEs are required to mount this.
Q Kory Talcott • 01/18/2023, 1:19:40 PM Can you still recline the rear seats with this?
A 01/20/2023, 4:48:49 PM You can not.
Q Jared • 02/05/2023, 10:17:29 PM I already have Rago design molle panels. Will this work with then?
A 02/14/2023, 4:18:03 PM We haven't verified fitment with any panels other than our own at this time.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
5.00/5 Stars out of 1 Review
5th Gen Pet Divider
(OH) | February 18th, 2023
I just wanted to let everyone know that I rolled the dice and bought this knowing it may not fit as I have a 4th Gen 4Runner. Well, I'm here to tell all of the Victory 4x4 customers and enthusiasts out there that this unit WILL work on your 4th Gen with just a simple modification. The 90 deg side mount brackets simply need the three (3) vertical slots elongated by just a bit over the width of the slot. I simply took a drill bit the same size as the slot and drilled a hole right underneath each slot and then used a dremel to 'connect' the hole and slot and smooth out the transition into 1 larger slot. This allowed me to move the outer panels downward to clear the side window trim and mate with the roof headliner. This modification also allowed all four (4) of the rear window molle panel holes to be used as connection points. Victory 4X4, if you read this, please modify those brackets by lengthening the slots and this will be a nice universal unit for 4th Gen and 5th Gen 4Runners. I had a wire panel zip tie'd to my headrest posts to keep my hunting dog in the back but this kept me from being able to fold down the rear seats to haul oversized items. Now, I have a great looking Victory 4x4 Molle panel to match my window panels that keeps the dog in the back but now allows me to fold the rear seats down. Slowly but surely, the '07 is being kitted out with Victory 4x4 accessories.
Note From Victory 4x4: Thanks for testing that out and for the review!

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