4Runner Rear Window Storage MOLLE Panel | 4th & 5th Gen (06+)

★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.60/5 Stars. (5 Reviews)
  • 4Runner Rear Window Storage MOLLE Panel | 4th & 5th Gen (06+)
  • 4Runner Rear Window Storage MOLLE Panel | 4th & 5th Gen (06+)
  • 4Runner Rear Window Storage MOLLE Panel | 4th & 5th Gen (06+)
  • 4Runner Rear Window Storage MOLLE Panel | 4th & 5th Gen (06+)
  • 4Runner Rear Window Storage MOLLE Panel | 4th & 5th Gen (06+)
  • 4Runner Rear Window Storage MOLLE Panel | 4th & 5th Gen (06+)

Price: $179.00


Code: V4RRMP

Weight: 7 (lbs)

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    Rear Window Storage Molle Panel | 4th & 5th Gen (06+)

    Designed to maximize the storage space in the rear cargo area. Offers customizable mounting for tools and gear. Comes coated with a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish.

    • CNC cut and formed from .120" steel.
    • Sold individually
    • Works on either side of the vehicle.
    • Retains the stock cargo net mounts.
    • Proudly designed and made in the USA.

    5th Gen will not work with 3rd row option
    Will not work with 03-05

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★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.60/5 Stars out of 5 Reviews
Expect more purchases from me
(California) | February 24th, 2020
i HATE WRITING REVIEWS. Because I'm just a lazy good for nothing. But I'm extremely happy with the quality of the product that I absolutely had to make this review. I can't wait to install this. But this review is purely on the quality of the product. Good weight, great powdercoat and texture.
Note From Victory 4x4: Thanks for the review, glad you like it!
Engineered to solve problems
(Illinois) | January 6th, 2020
I don't do this very often but I have to say how very impressed I am with the quality and engineering of this product. I bought two for my 2019 SR5 P and couldn't be more satisfied. They install was simple and easy to do there were no problems at all. The integration of the the cargo net hook and roof hooks into the panels sets Victory apart from Rago. I hope they eventually offer a shelf option someday. I have to say after this purchase I'm strongly considering the Victory roof rack for my next upgrade over the Prinsu roof rack. Thanks again for a great product.
Note From Victory 4x4: Thanks for taking time to write this review. Glad you love them!
So good I purchased another!
(Roanoke, VA) | December 12th, 2019
I have been so absolutely thrilled with my first MOLLE panel (read my first review) that I bought another! Yes it STILL comes with WHITE spacers that I taped up but other than that minor fuss this thing is phenomenal. The review that seems to imply these fit poorly or are not designed for the 4Runner is completely inaccurate in my experience. This panel LITERALLY took me ~10 mins to install and I chose to Loctite the bolts in addition. Unless the customer bought it and has third row seating which it clearly states will not fit I cant imagine how this would prove difficult if you follow the install guide on this site. I wish I could attach a pic so everyone can see how this is loaded and holding strong! On my first panel I have a fire extinguisher, folding shovel, 30' tow strap, full IFAK, shackles, hammock, flashlight, spare carabiners etc. For a vehicle like the 4Runners, with very little in the way of storage cubbies, these are a must in my opinion! Well done, gang.
Note From Victory 4x4: Thanks for the review, glad you love the product!
Great idea, just wish it was vehicle specific as advertised
(Poway, CA) | November 29th, 2019
I must say that I had high expectation with this MOLLE panel. The quality is great, no issues but the top bracket did not fit at all and I could not install the panel properly. After few back and forward emails with Victory (great customer service) they told me that the brackets were not vehicle specific and that it should work as is. Problem is that there is no way that it would fit as is. I hammered the thing and made it fit...There is a strange Karma with the whole assembly, something does not feel right, maybe it is me? These panels fit driver or passenger side which is handy if you want only one. Other fabricators offer specific panels for the application with an extra bend to fit the rear window better. I think that Victory should offer side specific too as they would look better. One last thing, the mix of SAE and metric hardware... Why??
Awesome Product with a silly oversight
(Virginia) | August 24th, 2019
I got my MOLLE panel installed within minutes of UPS dropping it at my door. The quality was immediately evident and once installed it looked very stable and well constructed. The ONLY thing that I couldnt understand is why on earth are the spacers white plastic instead of black!?!?! They look out of place so I ended up wrapping mine in electrical tape and reinstalling for a more discreet look.

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