4Runner Rock Sliders | Strike | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+)

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  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Strike | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Strike | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Strike | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Strike | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Strike | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Strike | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Strike | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Strike | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Strike | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Strike | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+)
  • 4Runner Rock Sliders | Strike | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+)



Code: V4RSL-ST

Weight: 118 (lbs)

    Strike 4Runner Rock Sliders | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+)

    Our tube sliders for the Toyota 4runner are designed to be used as a step as well as protect your rig while overlanding, rock crawling, on your daily commute, and everything in between. They are proudly made in the USA and are available in a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish, or in bare metal.

    • Main structure built from 2x3x3/16" box tubing.
    • 1 3/4" round outer tubing. Tube gussets useable for safe step entry.
    • Bolt-on installation.
    • Some drilling required for offroad use.
    • Made in USA.
    • Compatible with all trim levels (except V8 option) with or without KDSS, not compatible with XREAS.
    • 10-13 & Limited models require removing the rocker trim.
    • 3rd gen sliders will not fit 2wd models.

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46 Questions asked on 4Runner Rock Sliders | Strike | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+)

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Q Josh • 03/18/2020, 8:58:36 PM Are these strong enough to be used as a jack point?
A 03/25/2020, 3:11:33 PM Sure are.
Q Malcolm • 05/05/2020, 7:28:12 PM Are these sold in pairs or individually
A 05/07/2020, 4:02:09 PM They are sold in pairs.
Q Sheila • 05/09/2020, 7:55:08 AM What is weight on each slider?
A 05/11/2020, 2:36:52 PM 59lbs.
Q Caden • 05/11/2020, 1:41:30 PM Are they 118 lbs per bar or in total and will that affect my gas milage?
A 05/11/2020, 2:36:52 PM 118 lbs total. It's impossible for us to calculate how that will affect your mileage, but we would assume it is an almost immeasurable amount.
Q John • 06/25/2020, 11:34:52 PM What's the torque spec for each bolt?
A 07/01/2020, 10:08:43 AM No official torque specs. Tight is fine.
Q Todd • 07/20/2020, 1:10:08 PM I have a 2005 V8 without KDSS. Does the "except V8" mean I need to modify these, or since I don't have KDSS am I fine?
A 08/05/2020, 11:01:24 AM The V8 cross member is in a different place, that's why we say they aren't compatible.
Q Josh • 07/21/2020, 2:46:35 PM What is the tubing wall thickness and is it HREW or DOM?
A 07/21/2020, 3:37:30 PM .120 wall HREW
Q Matt • 08/01/2020, 0:34:21 AM Curious what is the reason why these won't work with the 4th gen V8.
A 08/05/2020, 11:51:45 AM The crossmember that the front leg mounts to is in a different location on the V8
Q david roth • 08/20/2020, 8:59:44 PM Do these sliders fit all 4th gen V8 and V6 models or do you have to specify when ordering.
A 08/26/2020, 9:43:16 AM These sliders fit V6 models only.
Q Eric • 08/22/2020, 11:54:57 PM Any compatibility issue with XREAS on 2004 4Runner Sport?
A 09/14/2020, 4:09:50 PM They are not compatible with XREAS.
Q scott • 09/09/2020, 9:13:46 PM Are the Strike sliders for the 4th & 5th gen 4runners made from HREW or DOM tubing?
A 09/14/2020, 3:57:08 PM 1.75" .120 wall HREW
Q JUdani • 09/14/2020, 0:36:12 AM Will these bolt onto a 5th gen Limited without any modifications?
A 09/14/2020, 4:02:23 PM You would need to remove or modify your Limited rocker trim for these to work.
Q Carol • 11/04/2020, 9:15:51 AM What is the weight limit on these?
A 11/10/2020, 5:20:32 PM They are designed to handle the full weight of the vehicle on them.
Q Jeremy • 11/08/2020, 3:42:22 PM Is the "Bare Metal" the standard Silver color of metal? The only way to get them in black is the powder coat?
A 11/10/2020, 5:20:32 PM Correct, bare metal is no coating at all.
Q Reece Grinwis • 12/09/2020, 9:36:24 PM does it fit a 4th gen v8 model?
A 12/10/2020, 11:32:27 AM They do not.
Q TJ • 12/14/2020, 5:08:19 PM How far is the spacing from frame to main beam? And what’s the lengthier the sliders?
A 12/15/2020, 1:53:34 PM Roughly 8" spacing, sliders are right around 63" long.
Q Bob • 12/16/2020, 3:18:19 PM What are the differences between the strike and the blitz sliders?
A 12/23/2020, 5:37:41 PM The Strike are tube style, the Blitz are a two piece fabricated style. The Strikes are slightly stronger.
Q Joseph Enriquez • 12/21/2020, 4:08:19 PM If I remove the rocker panels on my 2016 4Runner Limited, will it still be possible to install with XREAS?
A 12/23/2020, 6:07:41 PM We have not tested with the 5th gen XREAS system. If you contact customer service with some photos of your frame rails we may be able to help further. [email protected]
Q John • 12/28/2020, 2:49:51 AM Do they stick out past the body curve or are they tucked in?
A 12/30/2020, 4:56:07 PM They are wider than the body.
Q J. Martone • 01/12/2021, 11:56:54 PM Is there any chance this will fit a 2014 FJ Cruiser?
A 01/15/2021, 6:07:12 PM They won't. Look for FJ specific sliders from us eventually.
Q Justin • 03/01/2021, 3:10:18 PM Will these fit a 2006 GX470?
A 03/01/2021, 3:13:17 PM No, we only currently offer our Blitz Sliders for that (VGXSL-BL)
Q Josh B • 03/06/2021, 10:52:10 AM How much further do these stick out beyond the side of the 4runner?
A 03/08/2021, 1:18:58 PM Roughly and inch past the door handle.
Q Noel Mallari • 03/17/2021, 6:13:09 PM is this 0 degree step? the video install of sliders look like a upward slant of step portion of slider.
A 03/22/2021, 6:22:06 PM The install video is of an old design, this step is 0 degree, yes.
Q Erik Buchheit • 03/21/2021, 6:58:48 PM I have a 19 trd off road and was wondering how far they stick out? I have stock trd wheels without any offsets or spacers. Will they stock out and look goofy?
A 03/22/2021, 6:22:06 PM They stick out roughly an inch past the door handle.
Q Mike S. • 04/07/2021, 1:54:11 AM Are these DOM or HREW?
A 04/12/2021, 1:13:17 PM HREW
Q Jacob Sperling • 04/07/2021, 12:52:01 PM What is the difference between these and the blitz rock sliders? Is it just style or is there something I'm missing?
A 04/12/2021, 1:13:17 PM The Strike slides are a traditional tube slider, the Blitz are a fabricated boat side design.
Q Nicole • 04/12/2021, 2:20:39 PM Will these fit a 2021 4Runner Venture edition?
A 04/21/2021, 2:41:23 PM Yes.
Q Troy D • 04/19/2021, 5:57:12 PM Will these work on gx470? Or do you have sliders for them
A 04/21/2021, 2:11:12 PM We offer these for the 470: https://www.victory4x4.com/product/VGXSL-BL.html
Q John • 04/28/2021, 12:12:09 PM Any plans on making this style for the gx470
A 04/28/2021, 5:26:15 PM No current plans.
Q Juan A Crespo Jr. • 06/11/2021, 5:48:32 PM I have a 2020 4 Runner Venture. My question is. Do I need to remove my mud flaps, and are these angled .
A 06/25/2021, 12:04:58 PM No, they will work fine.
Q Jim • 06/28/2021, 8:26:40 PM I'd like to know the specifics as to why these rock sliders will work with every variation of 4Runner "except the V8 version?"
A 07/08/2021, 1:33:12 PM The trans crossmember is in a different spot on the V8.
Q Jim • 06/29/2021, 11:12:18 PM Will y'all ever make a version that fits the 4th Gen V8?
A 07/08/2021, 1:33:12 PM Eventually, but no ETA at this time.
Q Aaron • 08/01/2021, 7:05:25 AM Any modifications needed on a 1” body lift on a 4th gen?
A 08/12/2021, 4:01:01 PM Shouldn't affect anything, but you will have 1" more gap between the slider and the body.
Q Dave • 09/18/2021, 1:55:34 PM My XREAS has been swapped to bilsteins 5100’s on my v6 2005 4Runner. Will these work?
A 09/23/2021, 1:26:44 PM If you don't have any of the stock XREAS stuff on the frame rails anymore, yes should not be a problem.
Q Joseph Schiavone • 09/22/2021, 10:06:10 PM Name of the rims on the metallic gray 4runner in the picture above, thanks!
A 09/23/2021, 1:26:44 PM https://mambawheels.com/current-wheels/m23/
Q tanner • 09/28/2021, 4:57:10 PM can you show how these bolt on the 3rd gen 4runner?
A 10/05/2021, 5:33:34 PM We will have install instructions for this product soon.
Q Ian Fadrigon • 10/07/2021, 1:26:49 AM Will this fit also on 2021 T4R SR5 Premium?
A 10/07/2021, 2:58:19 PM Yes
Q Ryan Ferralli • 11/11/2021, 6:48:35 PM Are this bolt on without modification for a 2022 Off-Road Premium?
A 11/15/2021, 10:38:08 AM Yes, these will install the same as the install video on a 2022.
Q Oscar • 11/17/2021, 10:26:06 AM Considering purchasing a set of Strike Sliders but wondering if adjustments were made so as to not have to Drexel out existing pre-fabbed holes that others have stated.
A 11/18/2021, 12:30:33 PM You should have no issues. The sliders are shared between 4th and 5th Gen, so if there are holes that don't line up, they are not required for your model. If you have any questions, give tech support a call!
Q William Erwin • 12/26/2021, 8:42:24 PM Will these fit gx460….? They appear to have the same exact mounting points
A 12/27/2021, 12:11:57 PM They will not. We do make Blitz Sliders for the GX460 which are also a true rock slider, just different style.
Q Jay • 05/11/2022, 11:15:31 PM Will this work on 2022 4runner OR (no kdss) without any modifications?
A 05/12/2022, 1:23:20 PM Yes. Choose 4th & 5th Gen (03+).
Q adam • 06/21/2022, 11:34:46 AM if i get the bare metal, what product is used to coat them, would LineX be a good option?
A 06/22/2022, 2:01:57 PM Sure, although the added thickness of LineX can make the install more difficult.
Q LA • 10/03/2022, 5:21:08 PM Is there any up to date 3rd gen install doc?
A 10/11/2022, 4:52:48 PM That is coming soon, it will be added to the end of the current install doc once available.
Q Kris • 11/26/2022, 9:06:09 PM Your PDF stated that the hardware included is: 8mm-1.25 Hex head Flange Bolt qty. 22 • 3/8 Hex Head Self Threading Screws qty. 3 • 5/15-18 x 3/8” Hex Head Bolt qty. 8 I received 22 Flange bolts and 7 self threading bolts. Is this correct? Seems like I’m a few short.
A 12/01/2022, 10:54:56 AM Please contact our tech support team and we can help you figure this out: https://www.victory4x4.com/CTUS.html
Q Andrew • 02/24/2023, 3:58:37 PM Will these fit a 2018 4runner Limited, if the Xreas has been removed?
A 03/13/2023, 11:29:25 AM If all the XREAS equipment is removed from the frame rails these should work fine.
Q Alex • 03/02/2023, 2:44:46 PM Why would it not fit for a 3 gen 2WD?
A 03/13/2023, 11:54:40 AM The transmission cross members are in different locations.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.50/5 Stars out of 14 Reviews
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Stout Sliders
(PA) | February 10th, 2023
I performed what I consider a thorough search of options for my 23 T4R ORP and picked Victory sliders. They appeared stout in online pics which was confirmed when viewed in person. I have not seen other options in person but these have to be among the toughest available. I wanted and like the step feature and the step metal is also robust enough to take a hit. Steps on other available options appear too flimsy to me and more likely to rust through being the metal is more thin. I mounted them by resting on stacked boxes at each end as opposed to using my floor jack. Seemed to be a much more stable way to get them into position. The sliders were well packaged but FedEx is a joke. They come in one box for each slider. Both boxes were completely busted open but fortunately all was OK except for one minor ding on the passenger side rail. The FedEx delivery driver was a complete bozo and was rough handling the heavy boxes by siding them on their side across the full length of the step van and bouncing them off of steps in the floor. I got in the van to help unload which probably prevented more dings. One suggestion is to go with a different delivery service. Not a fan of FedEx. The sliders look great, are very stout and add to my blackout look with powder coating. The powder coating wasn't flawless but fine for a slider on a truck. All-in-all happy with my purchase.
Love These Strike Sliders
(USA-FL) | September 4th, 2022
I chose these because I wanted a functional step and I really liked the look/design. They are "mostly" bolt-on. Being designed as one-size-fits-all for three generations of 4Runners (1996+), there are "extra" holes and some holes did not line up. So I used two more self-tapping bolts than the directions called for. These things are beefy at 58lbs each! Honestly, they are way overkill in strength for what I need. Purchased early Jan 2022 and they arrived mid-Mar 2022 within the lead time indicated. The box arrived with no hardware, but a quick call to customer service and they shipped out hardware the next day. So a little miss by them but they took care of it quickly, so no big deal there. Overall, I am super happy with these and definitely recommend them!
Note From Victory 4x4: Thanks for the review, Jason!
Love my rock rails
(CA) | May 17th, 2021
Finally got my rock rails in (lead times are little longer right now, but worth the wait!), install definitely a two man job, but look awesome and tested out in Berdoo Canyon and they worked great! Wife loves the look aesthetically and dual purpose with the steps helps the kiddos get in our 4runner
(California) | April 11th, 2021
purchased March 2021 and installed on a 2011 4runner. Driver's side bolt holes were very close to the edge of the hole cutouts and did not want to align very well. I did not modify but would have made installation a bit easier. Passenger side no issues. I had to cut the rocker panel cover to use them which was expected. Otherwise installed as instructions. They hang about 3/4 of an inch from the bottom rocker panel which was not expected, maybe help less damage if crunched. Time to try them off road which is the purpose, right?
Excellent Sliders
(Oklahoma) | January 6th, 2021
Heavy Duty slider affordable slider that was easy to install. Went bare metal and coated them myself and had them on in one afternoon and hit the trails the next day. Victory continues to produce great products for the 4Runner. Highly recommend these sliders and their other products.
Fantastic sliders!!
(East TN) | November 27th, 2020
Extremely beefy and well built sliders that look great on my ‘16 Trail. Went with bare steel and coated them myself. Installation was straightforward and done solo in one afternoon. Love the look and quality but be prepared for a VERY heavy package at delivery. Thanks to Victory for a great product - now to buy their roof rack :-)
Victory nailed it!
(Denver) | November 2nd, 2020
These sliders are well made and look great. I’ve never been a fan of the traditional slider look - always wanted something with more of an aesthetic that didn’t compromise on quality. Victory nailed it. The install was significantly more involved with KDSS, but definitely doable. The team was always super helpful and available for guidance throughout the process. Cheers , Jeremy.
Best Sliders on the market
(Grand Rapids, MI) | March 27th, 2020
This is a great company, with great products, and a very helpful staff! I did a lot of research for Sliders, and these were the best bang for your $$. I may be somewhat biased, because they are local, but they are one of the few that offer to powder coat the sliders. Easy installation, they are very well made, and they are pretty stealthy, which was a big deal to me. Also, serving that duel purpose, being a step bar, and slider, was very helpful for my wife, who was struggling to get into the 4runner. Thank you for the great product, and great customer service!
Great product
(Huntsville Al.) | November 5th, 2019
I just want to thank you guys for the great service, product, and shipping. The sliders arrived ahead of schedule, and very well packaged. The powder coat was flawless. When I opened the sliders, I was shocked at how sturdy, and well made they were. Thanks again, now my wife is making me go work on her 4Runner. Mark
Top notch slider/step combo
| September 16th, 2019
Contacted the folks at Victory and ordered my Strike sliders. Great folks and easy to work with; lead time was a couple weeks after order due to powder coating. Had them freight delivered, packaging was amazing and not a single blemish anywhere. All hardware was included + some extra bolts. Nothing complicated on install but definitely need 2 people as they are heavy. Added to a 2015 4runner LE (already did the trail rocker swap) and they fit tight against the body. Everything lined up nicely (I had already removed XREAS so no hard lines to deal with) Although I won't use them often for their slider capability, I would have zero qualms about their strength. They extend just enough from the body to make a perfect step while still protecting my doors and underside from road debris. Absolutely would recommend to anyone in the market for a slider/step combo. They are beefy and definitely well-built! 5 stars from me. Still looking like new after months of driving and some mild offroading. Thanks guys!

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Please be sure to read the PDF installation instructions as well.

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