Tundra Bed Accessory Mount | (07-21)

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  • Tundra Bed Accessory Mount | (07-21)
  • Tundra Bed Accessory Mount | (07-21)
  • Tundra Bed Accessory Mount | (07-21)
  • Tundra Bed Accessory Mount | (07-21)
  • Tundra Bed Accessory Mount | (07-21)




Weight: 8 (lbs)

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    Tundra Bed Accessory Mount | 2nd & 3rd Gen (07-21)

    Designed to maximize the storage space by utilizing the bed rails. Offers customizable mounting for tools and gear. Comes coated with a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish.

    • CNC cut and formed from .120" steel.
    • Two Mounts included
    • Mounts using bed rail system.
    • Can accommodate a combination of the following; Rotopax containers, Rotopax containers, Hi-lift Jack, Tred Pro or Maxtrax recovery boards, Quickfist mounts to secure Ax and shovels.
    • One size fits all! Crewmax, Double Cab (both bed sizes)
    • Proudly designed and made in the USA.

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13 Questions asked on Tundra Bed Accessory Mount | (07-21)

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Q Austin • 05/28/2020, 1:37:07 AM Does the tundra truck bed accessory mount work with the Tacoma rails? Looking for an option to mount a hi lift in the bed without using the Tacoma Molle panel
A 06/01/2020, 10:08:59 AM They would probably work on the Taco side rails, but you really can only mount one on the sides, the other would hit the wheel well. If you install a front rail on your Tacoma they could work.
Q Derek • 08/08/2020, 12:40:17 PM 2019 Tundra / 6.5 bed What are the length of these? I have a Yakima HD Overhaul rack that uses the rail system for mounting. I only have a a small space between the mounting feet to attach these and I need to know clearance (from bottom) in case I might be close to the wheel-well. Thanks!
A 08/12/2020, 3:37:11 PM The panels mount behind the bed mounting rails, so they should not interfere with your current rack mounts.
Q Scott • 09/21/2020, 3:21:31 PM What size are the holes at the bedrail attachment? Wondering if this will fit Lietner rack system.
A 09/24/2020, 11:01:43 AM 5/16"
Q Rob • 12/26/2020, 11:12:32 AM Can you attach the universal tire carrier to these?
A 12/30/2020, 4:56:07 PM They are not designed for that, no.
Q Matt • 04/10/2021, 5:25:28 PM What are the angled brackets for that come with these panels? With no instructions included, I installed the panels and the angled brackets didn’t seem to be required.
A 04/12/2021, 1:13:17 PM They are for trucks without the factory bed mounting rails.
Q Dante Avila • 06/05/2021, 7:18:20 PM Does it come with hardware to mount hi lift and max trax?
A 06/11/2021, 3:00:33 PM It includes Hi-Lift jack mounting hardware, but you would need to source mounts for your maxtrax.
Q Ben • 06/27/2021, 8:24:00 AM your Q and A area has a question from Matt on 4/10/21 that perhaps indicates there is a way to mount these without the bed rail system? if so.......would it prohibit the installation of a hard top bed cover at a later time? thanks in advance.
A 07/08/2021, 1:15:34 PM These should not interfere with any covers unless they mount the front of the bed.
Q Justin • 07/25/2021, 4:14:27 PM Does this come with everything needed to mount a Hi-lift, axe and shovel?
A 08/12/2021, 3:19:21 PM You would need to buy the mounts for those. We like quickfist mounts.
Q Nasir Hyder • 09/22/2021, 3:04:27 PM Will these brackets work with a bakflip mx4 cover, recovery tracks, and hi-lift jack? Mostly concerned that the cover will still sit flush.
A 09/23/2021, 1:51:35 PM Should be fine. The bakflip doesn't sit down much lower than the top surface of the bed.
Q Nasir Hyder • 10/19/2021, 2:49:39 PM Would these work on the side rails too with a high lift Jack?
A 10/28/2021, 11:48:20 AM They would hit the wheel wells.
Q Allen Hibler • 03/10/2022, 11:12:31 PM Does this work for 2022 3rd gen tundra? If not please make some that do.
A 03/11/2022, 9:58:56 AM We currently have a 2022 on order. We have not yet had the chance to test fit.
Q Alex • 11/03/2022, 7:06:05 AM Will this work with the factory tri fold tonneau cover that drops the bed rails down a few inches ?
A 11/03/2022, 12:16:41 PM They sit above the bed floor a few inches, so they should fit fine slightly lower.
Q Kevin • 08/02/2023, 5:34:27 PM Any idea when you will make them for a 2023 tundr?
A 08/04/2023, 3:21:52 PM No timeline yet.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
5/5 Stars out of 5 Reviews
Sturdy good Product
(Los Angeles) | April 2nd, 2022
I really like the product. Looks, feels sturdy. Have two things that I would adjust. One would be some type of diagram showing what to use with what bolts and when to use which of the small plates. Second, I would have coated the small plates that are used for when you have bed rails. Your picture shows they are coated, mine were not coated. They came bare metal.
Works great on my f150
(Washington) | May 10th, 2021
I couldn’t find a similar solution for my f150 so I purchased this to see if I could make it work. Either the help of a drill and some rivnuts it fits and works perfect. The quality of the fabrication quality is top notch and they sit rock solid in my truck bed. They are a little pricey but so are all the quality brackets for your gear. I thought about making my own but you’d at least need a milling machine and torch to make a set this thick. I won’t be wondering if my 50 pounds of gear attached to them. Worth the price.
Not worth the money
| March 28th, 2021
You are basically buying two pieces of metal with holes in them Total waste of money Mine didn’t come with any rubber stoppers either It also doesn’t come with any connectors Save 95$ just buy two pieces of metal from Lowe’s and drill three holes in it
Great bed accessory mount
(Maryland) | May 9th, 2020
I purchased a set of these for my 2020 Tacoma and with a little modification was able to make them fit beautifully at the front of the bed. Very nice mounting hardware. Put some quickfist clamps on them for my shovel and axe. I am very pleased with these and would love to see Victory make a set specifically for Tacoma’s.
Good Quality
(South Carolina) | October 23rd, 2019
I purchased two sets of these for a 2019 Tundra Crewmax. I put one set at the front of the bed to hold an axe and shovel. The other two are on either side and hold double stacked rotopax on each. The mounts are extremely heavy duty and the powder coat finish was smooth and even. I went with these mounts over some others because they sit lower on the deck rails and do not interfere with my low pro soft tonneau cover. The extra rubber piece on the bottom of the mount is a nice touch to keep from damaging the bed paint or liner. Overall I would highly recommend these and plan on purchasing a few other parts from victory in the future.
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