4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)

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  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)
  • 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)

Price: $1,099.00


Code: V4R5FB

Weight: 60 (steel) | 35 (aluminum) (lbs)

Free Shipping!

    Victory 4x4 Blitz Slim 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | 5th Gen (2010+)

    Our Blitz winch bumper for the 5th generation Toyota 4Runner is designed to integrate with your factory front bumper fascia for a clean look with maximum recovery options. This made in the USA bumper features an integrated 20" lightbar mount, 3/4" recovery tabs, plus provisions for many industry standard winches. Available with optional tubework for extra front end protection. A fairlead block off plate is included for those that don't yet have, or need, a winch. The bumper is available in a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish, or in bare metal.

    • CNC cut and formed from .188" steel or .250" aluminum.
    • Tubework option includes 1.75" x .120" tubework for added grill protection.
    • Compatible with most 8-10k non-integrated solenoid or removable selenoid winches.
      • Some integrated winches will fit with a slight power steering return hose modification or reroute (See install video.)
    • Built in provisions for a 20" single row light bar (22" max mounting width)
    • Proudly designed and made in the USA.
    • Free Shipping!
    • Does not fit 14+ Limited trim 4Runners
    • 10-13 Trail will require trimming or removing trail front valence.
    • Tubework version compatibility with Toyota Safety Sense equipped vehicles not guaranteed.
      • The sensor may be located behind, or it's vision prohibited by the tubework based on grille model. 
    Listed weights are with no tubing; single hoops and prerunner tube work add roughly 10 lbs in steel, 5lbs in aluminum; full grill and light protection tubing adds 30 lbs in steel, 15lbs in aluminum. (Not all tubing options are available on all bumpers.)

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36 Questions asked on 4Runner Front Winch Bumper | Blitz | 5th Gen (10+)

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Q GG • 03/30/2020, 7:47:11 PM Would we be able to have an option for a 30" BD S8?
A 04/06/2020, 1:46:00 PM These fit 20" bars only.
Q Julio Benitez • 04/01/2020, 8:41:41 AM Is the tubework version compatible with the 2020 4runer toyota safety sense? (sensor in the lower stock bumper grill)
A 04/06/2020, 2:43:37 PM No, we do not recommend running any tubework with the front radar.
Q Adrian • 04/03/2020, 4:14:00 PM Will you be offering any high clearance additions for this bumper in the future?
A 04/06/2020, 2:43:37 PM This bumper was not designed to be added on to. Please see our Strike Bumper part number V4R5FS for more options. (https://www.victory4x4.com/product/V4R5FS.html)
Q Nathan Gonzales • 04/06/2020, 11:51:44 AM Do you have TSS friendly options for front bumpers like the 4runner blitz?
A 04/06/2020, 2:43:39 PM All non-tubework front bumpers are TSS friendly.
Q Andy • 04/08/2020, 7:10:36 PM Would any modifications need to be done to the factory skid plate on a TRD Pro? How about the SR5 factory skid plate?
A 04/17/2020, 5:09:59 PM Either skid will fit fine with this bumper.
Q Luke King • 04/15/2020, 7:52:07 AM Will the Warn 92815 Zeon 10S Platinum winch fit in the Blitz 5th Gen 4Runner bumper with tubework, aluminum powdercoat? Thank you very much!
A 04/17/2020, 7:31:50 PM A Zeon will fit with a solenoid relocation kit from Warn. The Warn VR EVO series will fit without relocating the solenoid. Both good options!
Q Chris Novack • 05/10/2020, 1:32:02 PM I am looking at the Life Force 20" single or double. which one will work better? Nightfall 20" Single Row Light bar - Combo Beam or 20" Dual Row LED Bars Thanks, Chris
A 05/11/2020, 2:36:52 PM The single row, the double row will be too tall.
Q Lance Bowlin • 05/11/2020, 8:47:24 PM Do you guys happen to give an active duty military discount?
A 05/15/2020, 1:52:09 PM We do, please see this link: https://www.victory4x4.com/MILITARY.html
Q John • 05/23/2020, 2:47:36 AM what 20 inch light bar do you recommend or have for sale
A 05/27/2020, 3:57:49 PM Please see product code: 7020XX (https://www.victory4x4.com/product/7020XX.html)
Q Reid • 07/22/2020, 2:27:07 PM What are the exact dimensions for the light bar cut out. Will a 21.5x3.75x3 inch light bar fit?
A 08/05/2020, 11:01:24 AM The cutout is 21 x 1.5
Q Tommy • 07/23/2020, 3:58:47 AM For a 2012 4Runner does the blitz bumper fit over the stock bumper or does it need to be cut like in the video?
A 08/05/2020, 11:01:24 AM It does need to be cut, we are adding this information to the install document right now.
Q Justin Thrasher • 08/15/2020, 11:05:01 PM I may be overlooking the answer, but does this front bumper include a light bar or just the light bar mount?
A 08/18/2020, 11:15:37 AM Just mounts for a light bar or a mesh block off panel.
Q Marcus • 08/23/2020, 5:49:35 PM Will the 4Runner blitz 5th gen accommodate the Warn VR-10s??
A 08/26/2020, 10:01:29 AM Hell yeah brother.
Q Daniel B. • 08/24/2020, 0:31:50 AM Does the bumper come with the cover for the winch hole if you don't plan on having the winch?
A 08/26/2020, 9:18:52 AM Yes it does!
Q Chris • 09/10/2020, 6:35:25 AM I have a 2015 TRD Pro with a 1" body lift and 3" suspension. Will this or the Strike fit like it should since I have the 1" body lift? Would it be a matter of leaving any extra plastic from the bumper to fill in any gaps or what is your input on this? What about for the full size strike bumper?
A 09/14/2020, 3:57:08 PM You would have to trim differently for either bumper. We haven't installed either on a body lifted truck, we aren't sure what else you may run into.
Q Mason Andress • 10/04/2020, 5:48:05 PM Just installed this bumper on our 5th gen trd 4Runner. The skid piece did not fit (looks like the factory skid gets in the way). The instruction video made it sound like this is normal. But without the skid plate it looks like there is an exposed area? Right above factory skid there is some exposed black foam. Hoping for advice as this doesn’t feel right. Thanks!
A 10/06/2020, 2:10:22 PM Please contact us directly at [email protected]
Q Gage Terrazas • 10/05/2020, 10:51:08 PM Does the bumper come with the light bar or is that a separate purchase?
A 10/06/2020, 2:10:22 PM That is sold separately.
Q Brent Wrightson • 10/20/2020, 3:06:01 PM has anyone tried to install a Warn 8274 into this Bumper?
A 10/20/2020, 7:03:20 PM That would not work without a ton of modification.
Q Andrew • 10/25/2020, 2:54:41 PM Will the steel front winch bumper blitz make the front sag? If so is it a lot and or noticeable? Thanks
A 10/26/2020, 5:00:50 PM Some, but in our experience it's not a ton.
Q Griffen Clarke • 11/12/2020, 4:04:59 PM I just Got a 2021 TRD pro 4Runner will the 4RUNNER FRONT WINCH BUMPER | BLITZ | 5TH GEN (10+) with no tube work fit with the sensor and the factory skid plate? Also does any cutting of the stock bumper need to be done? Finally do you have a wench recommendation that won’t require relocation of anything? Thanks.
A 11/12/2020, 5:44:39 PM Will work fine with your front skid, but you will need to trim the bumper, please see the install video. For winches we really like the Warn VR EVO 8s or 10s.
Q Cassie Pritchett • 01/04/2021, 9:23:48 AM Do you have an image of this installed on a 2012 with the bumper cut? The provided image appears that it is installed on top of the factory.
A 01/04/2021, 12:05:22 PM The cut lines can be found in the install document on the product page. The face of the bumper extends past the cut line to completely cover the cut on the factory bumper.
Q Bryce • 03/21/2021, 12:43:21 PM Does the 20” Rigid SR-Series Pro light bar fit in the blitz bumper?
A 03/22/2021, 6:22:06 PM Yes.
Q Charles Smith • 03/27/2021, 1:14:08 AM Do these fit only single row 20” led light bars or can double row light bars fit...? What is the measurements on the gap height on the cut out for the light bar on the blitz bumper
A 04/02/2021, 1:17:54 PM Only single row. The height of the opening is roughly 1.75"
Q Tony Ramirez • 04/20/2021, 2:12:44 PM I have the Toyota 2021 4Runner venture with the KDSS suspension does the FRONT WINCH BUMPER | BLITZ | 5TH GEN (10+) fit without modifications?
A 04/21/2021, 2:11:12 PM Your 2021 Venture is the exact same install as shown in the install documents and videos.
Q Shaoib Ganie • 04/29/2021, 6:05:16 PM How do I attach a license plate to this bumper?
A 05/05/2021, 1:00:12 PM https://www.victory4x4.com/product/UNI-FPF-PC.html
Q Andrew • 05/14/2021, 8:14:57 PM I really love this and would not want it without the tubework...but my vehicle does have TSS, would this essentially eliminate all off the TSS functionality or does it just impair the functions? Is it possible to have Toyota relocate the detection unit?
A 05/21/2021, 9:59:41 AM It is not possible to have Toyota relocate the radar unit. The radar can't see through to tube work, so it really depends on the situation as to if it's only impaired in some situations, or it will throw and error code.
Q Hayley Skelton • 05/20/2021, 6:55:57 PM Is there a plate that will cover the winch cut out?
A 05/21/2021, 10:18:52 AM A block off plate comes with the bumper.
Q Mike • 05/24/2021, 11:16:12 AM Anyone install, or know of if an XBull winch will work on a 5th gen blitz
A 06/04/2021, 10:30:55 AM If it's a standard size winch it should be fine. You may need to relocate the solenoid box however.
Q Cash • 06/12/2021, 8:32:42 PM Any plans for the “viper cut” protect plate similar to C4?
A 06/25/2021, 11:53:18 AM No, we would recommend our Strike bumper at that point.
Q Candice Watson • 07/06/2021, 12:36:24 PM Does this bumper come with the necessary hardware for installation? Or do you reuse the bolts that are currently on the vehicle?
A 07/08/2021, 2:14:39 PM The bumper includes mounting hardware.
Q Jackson H • 07/18/2021, 9:44:05 PM Will this bumper accommodate a rough country pro series 9500lb?
A 07/23/2021, 12:10:40 PM Yes.
Q Jennelle • 07/18/2021, 11:09:52 PM What winch is being used in the first 4 images?
A 07/23/2021, 11:15:25 AM Warn VR8 Evo
Q Joshua • 07/19/2021, 11:30:33 AM Is the Blitz Bumper Shackle mounts a rated recovery point? Can it support winch pulling, Kinetic straps, etc to free your vehicle without frame damage?
A 07/23/2021, 11:15:25 AM Yes
Q Joel • 08/09/2021, 8:21:19 AM Would the 5th Gen Blitz Front Winch Bumper support and fit the BADLAND APEX 12,000 Lb. Winch system?
A 08/12/2021, 4:22:04 PM Yes.
Q William Nissen • 08/11/2021, 10:52:15 AM I have a 2015 4Runner and an open road 13000lb panther series 2 winch. I want to purchase a tubeless front bumper from you but I want to make sure it will all fit. I imagine it will but just checking.
A 08/12/2021, 4:36:22 PM Should fit just fine.
Q Jeff Pattek • 09/05/2021, 8:48:06 AM I have a 2017 TRD Pro with a Magnuson super charger installed, will this fit?
A 09/07/2021, 1:23:54 PM Yes, it will!
★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.87/5 Stars out of 30 Reviews
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Blitz Bumper
(South Carolina) | July 20th, 2021
Love the Quality that’s behind each of Victory’s products. Good welds on the bumper and a nice design. I would definitely recommend to others in the market for a Lo pro bumper and even with led times increased due to the current circumstances, received it in a timely manner! Love all products, keep up the great work
Blitz Bumper 10-13
(Arkansas) | July 15th, 2021
Very very impressed with the build quality of this bumper. I have a 2012 4Runner so there aren’t many aftermarket options for this front end, but in my opinion this is the best one. All of the welds were spot on, I ordered it bare and had it powder coated at a local shop and it came in within the lead time specified. I used the Smittybilt x2o 10k winch and it fit without having to move the hard line. I will definitely be buying the rear bumper Victory 4x4 offers for these and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed!
Blitz Bumper
| June 30th, 2021
Overall it’s a nice low pro bumper and I do enjoy it but the main gripe I have with it is there isn’t an available option for high clearance “wings” like on other manufacturer lo pro bumpers..it would definitely make this a much more appealing unit. To the designers at Victory4x4, please make this happen!
Blitz bumper
(Missouri) | March 30th, 2021
Ordered Blitz bumper for 4-runner. Packaging was very good. Product looks very good, quality welds, pipe bends, etc. Installed Badlands winch, fit as it was supposed to. Install is not simple, but can be done by one person, with only occasional assist. Final installation looks very good, like a factory fit.
Nice piece
(OR) | February 23rd, 2021
Wasn't sure about the build quality when I ordered this thing. Totally stoked with this bumper. Build quality is excellent! If you're on the fence about one, Pull The Trigger! You will not regret it. Only one complaint, the logo in the middle of the lightbar. Common review but hopefully they'll figure it out. It is is noticeable. Would've cut it out but it would ruin the bitchin powdercoat. Put it on thick and durable. Bottom line, great bumper!
Updated Review on previously damaged product
| February 14th, 2021
Update for my previous review on January 17th 2021. After getting in contact with Victory 4x4 about the condition of the bumper I had received previously it showed how they are a quality company. Chris was my point of contact during the resolve. Chris reached out after my review to help assist me with the damage on the bumper. The bumper was shipped back easily via Fedex to Victory 4x4 and the damage was corrected. They made it very easy and had a fast turn around to get the corrected product back for install. The new bumper came fully packaged very well with no damage at all. Overall I'm very satisfied with the resolve to the problem.I will definitely be ordering more quality 4 Runner parts in the future from Victory 4x4.
Solid piece with a clean look
(Chicago) | January 3rd, 2021
Considered multiple vendor prior to purchase. Wanted a unit with a bull bar not obstructing the heritage grill and sit high enough to not block my hidden light bar. Video installation guide was extremely helpful. If your 4Runner has a TSS sensor, you will not be able to use the Bullbar option.
Awesome MOD
(Georgia) | December 8th, 2020
Ordered 4Runner Front Bumper Blitz for 5th Gen. Installation was about a 1/2 day as I took my time and enjoyed the fun. Used with Rough Country 9500 Pro Series Winch with synthetic rope with Factor 55 Ultrahook. Needed an extra set of hands to hold in place and start final install bolts. Everything went smooth except getting the OEM bolts out, but that wasn’t anybody’s fault. Enjoyed the process, love the end result. Have used winch once to test and once with more purpose and all went well.
Great Product
(CA) | September 10th, 2020
Easy installation.
Blitz w/o tube is the best low-profile Bumper for 5th gen 4runner
(California) | September 5th, 2020
This is absolutely amazing looking bumper. I received many compliments from total strangers. I did not install the light bar or the filler plate, but, I think it looks better without them. Also, the empty filler slot allows me to see the condition of the winch rope on the drum ( I installed Warn VR EVO 10s winch). The unique look of this bumper sets it apart from the rest. I recommed it without reservations.

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