4Runner Center Console MOLLE and Accessory Panel

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  • 4Runner Center Console MOLLE and Accessory Panel
  • 4Runner Center Console MOLLE and Accessory Panel
  • 4Runner Center Console MOLLE and Accessory Panel
  • 4Runner Center Console MOLLE and Accessory Panel
  • 4Runner Center Console MOLLE and Accessory Panel
  • 4Runner Center Console MOLLE and Accessory Panel
  • 4Runner Center Console MOLLE and Accessory Panel
  • 4Runner Center Console MOLLE and Accessory Panel
  • 4Runner Center Console MOLLE and Accessory Panel
  • 4Runner Center Console MOLLE and Accessory Panel
  • 4Runner Center Console MOLLE and Accessory Panel



Code: V4RCC

Weight: 1 (lbs)

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      Center Console MOLLE and Accessory Storage Panel 

      Designed to maximize the storage space by utilizing the side of the center console. Offers customizable mounting for gear. Comes coated with a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish.

      • CNC cut and formed from .120" steel.
      • Sold in pairs.
      • Accommodates 1.5" belt clip holsters.
      • Installation requires drilling holes.
      • Proudly designed and made in the USA.

      Check your local laws on the legality of storing a banana (or firearm we guess) in the manner shown. 

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11 Questions asked on 4Runner Center Console MOLLE and Accessory Panel

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Q RJay • 05/04/2020, 9:16:24 PM Does this come with one panel or two
A 05/05/2020, 3:07:07 PM They are sold in pairs.
Q Don • 09/27/2020, 0:03:28 AM How will these hold up against the plastic console with repeated use/movement? For example, securely holstering a “banana” multiple times a day, pulling off a snap-secured medical kit, etc?
A 10/01/2020, 1:40:01 PM In our experience they hold up fine, but you could certainly use some machine screws with nuts and washers inside the console for a more secure attachment.
Q Justin • 04/22/2021, 7:10:47 PM Where can I find a gun holster compatible with this?
A 04/28/2021, 5:52:40 PM Most of the cheap kydex holsters work great.
Q Evan • 06/08/2021, 3:34:25 AM Can it support the weight of a 2.2lb fire extinguisher?
A 06/11/2021, 3:00:33 PM Yeah, should not be an issue. You can always replace the screws with machine screws and washers from the backside of the console as well for more support.
Q Stykz • 11/18/2021, 2:54:42 PM How does this perform in a roll over? Does this impede any air bags or is it any risk for injury?
A 12/08/2021, 12:29:07 PM Crash testing has not been performed, but these panels don't mount in an airbag location.
Q Cindy McWhirter • 02/15/2022, 10:35:19 AM Hello, how can I find out which generation MOLLE Center Console Accessory Panel will fit my 2017 TRD Off Road 4Runner? Thank you!
A 02/16/2022, 9:15:50 AM You will need the 5th Gen panel (2010-Present)
Q Stephen I • 03/08/2022, 11:12:43 PM A competitor offers a "bridge" between each of the panels. Do you have a similar offering? I favor your price point, but really like the option of mounting on a bridge.
A 03/11/2022, 9:56:53 AM We do not have something to connect the two panels. We do have a Dash Accessory Mount, however.
Q Harold Seward • 02/26/2023, 6:06:42 PM Will this fit a 98 4Runner 3rd Generation? It appears to have a selection for 3rd Generation, but I am not sure what model. Thanks.
A 03/01/2023, 9:46:32 AM Yes, our 3rd Gen option will fit.
Q Kari • 03/20/2023, 12:09:09 PM So nothing for 3rd gen?
A 03/21/2023, 2:55:38 PM Yes, we have a 3rd Gen option. Just be sure to select 3rd Gen on the year range.
Q Daniel Rickey • 10/30/2023, 6:16:29 PM Is this 1 panel, or 2?
A 11/10/2023, 12:10:43 PM These are sold as a pair.
Q Andrew • 11/25/2023, 7:05:18 PM What kind of kydex holster am I looking for that will mount to this. There are so many options
A 11/29/2023, 11:48:15 AM Accommodates 1.5" belt clip holsters
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Great for Overlanding
(AL) | June 29th, 2023
Easy install and it’s Saturday enough to hold just about anything you would want mounted for easy access. Currently have a cb, ram mount, and mag light mounted with no issues.
Note From Victory 4x4: Thanks, James!
Perfect For My Needs
(TX) | March 7th, 2023
Just recently got into putting some small additions onto my 2010 4Runner, these were a fantastic addition! Puts all the necessary items that I need right at my finger tips, but out of the way so that they are not distracting! Install was quick and easy! Would highly recommend to anyone trying to find more storage or functional space to mount every day carry items in their vehicle. Looking forward adding more Victory 4x4 product into the 4Runner!
Note From Victory 4x4: Thanks for the review, David!
Great Kit
(CO) | August 27th, 2022
Love these molle panels. Even with a kydex holster attached (zip ties are your friend) it does not interfere with my right leg much. Zip ties are key to locking a holster down snug, I found. One issue I found is with the hardware. On a recent 4-wheel outing, the two bottom screws pulled out. Two things affected this: one, I had a commander length 1911 in the attached, and second, of course, was all the bouncing from the trail. I think the screws are a little short. Easy fix was an M5 machine screw and nylock nut on the frontmost connection, and an M5 sheet metal screw back close to the seat. Bumping up to a M5 does require drilling out the fastener hole; you could go with #8 or M4, but I couldn't find nuts that size at my hardware store.
Awesome product
(Mississippi) | June 5th, 2022
Easy to install, solid, well made, and looks great. Really functional and is a great addition to my 4Runner.
Fantastic Product
(SC) | April 8th, 2022
This product is awesome. I currently have my Concealed Carry Nerd Holster mounted to the front of the panel. Then I have some walkies for overlanding mounted on the other one. My only complaint on this product is the mounting hardware. I have an aftermarket headunit so I am sometimes pulling apart my dashboard. The way that this mounts, you have to take out the bottom screws to be able to take the panels off. After unscrewing and rescrewing in the screws, the holes are basically useless after that. The mounting hardware could be better or for a more permanent mount, have it screw into just the silver panel on the trans tunnel. I have had to rescrew holes in my dash panels so when I do sell the car the next owner wont be too happy about that. But I personally do not care. Better mounting hardware and/or different spots to drill this piece in so it only attaches to one part would be better. OTHER than all that, I do love this product. The spacers given give me just the right amount of space for me to put my Concealed carry pistol on it and it sits in a good spot. It doesnt hit my leg when I am driving even with a bigger gun mounted to it. If you have a molle pouch then it might hit your leg but then you have a nice knee pillow while driving LOL! Great product. Might drill different holes in it so I can mount it to one panel in the car.
Fun little Accessory
(Colorado) | January 14th, 2022
Awesome little accessory. Great place to put cords and even a nice little slot for phones, and wallets. Great place to put gear that you need handy such as a flashlight or your sidearm. Victory 4x4 does it again.
Center Console panels
(WA) | July 8th, 2021
Ordered these up awhile back and install was easy, although tedious near the seat area. The panels are solid, my only real concern is the longevity of the small screws tearing out of the center console plastic after a few years. I have a pen and knife clipped in there and it's a really hand location. Just need to find the right banana holder and I'm good to go!!
Good for the gear
(Kansas) | June 14th, 2021
This is a solid organizer for the front console. I keep my holster, and other tools readily available. It doesn't protrude and make riding uncomfortable. I'd like to see them make some more mods for the console, but time will tell. It's well made and was shipped with every consideration to the rigors the USPS. Installation is super easy with the video provided by the folks at Victory 4x4. The team is dialed in to craftsmanship and customer service. I'm not paid to say this, but sincerely believe in giving credit where it's due. This is one of the most with it aftermarket providers in the game. I will buy more from this team.
Excellent product
(Philadelphia) | March 25th, 2021
Love these! They look great and are solid.. Arrived quickly (even after a tiny overlook of my phone order, it was a problem solved very quickly!) and arrived with no damage. Packaged well and included stickers, which always rules. Install is a snap and it took me less than 30 minutes. Thanks!
Solid and versitile
(NJ) | October 31st, 2020
I really like how sturdy these are. I wasn't sure how much they would hold up with self tapping screws through plastic but the hold a good amount stuff. An awesome storage solution all 9f your EDC equipment that you could ever want close at hand.
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