4Runner Transmission & Catalytic Converter Skid Plate | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+) & FJ

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  • 4Runner Transmission & Catalytic Converter Skid Plate | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+) & FJ
  • 4Runner Transmission & Catalytic Converter Skid Plate | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+) & FJ
  • 4Runner Transmission & Catalytic Converter Skid Plate | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+) & FJ
  • 4Runner Transmission & Catalytic Converter Skid Plate | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+) & FJ
  • 4Runner Transmission & Catalytic Converter Skid Plate | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+) & FJ
  • 4Runner Transmission & Catalytic Converter Skid Plate | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+) & FJ
  • 4Runner Transmission & Catalytic Converter Skid Plate | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+) & FJ




Weight: 35 (steel) | 18 (aluminum) (lbs)

      The Victory 4x4 Mid Skid is designed to protect your truck in serious rock crawling.

      • CNC cut and formed from 3/16" steel or 1/4" aluminum (mounting brackets will be steel on aluminum option).
      • Frame mounted.
      • 4th & 5th Gen model covers and protects catalytic converters to help prevent theft!
      • Hardware Included.
      • Made in the USA.
      • Free shipping!
      Does not fit 2WD models
      For V6's ONLY 4th Gen V8's will need the GX Mid Skid

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    27 Questions asked on 4Runner Transmission & Catalytic Converter Skid Plate | 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen (96+) & FJ

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    Q Jordan • 06/15/2020, 9:15:27 PM Will this work with an '03 4.7L?
    A 06/16/2020, 10:12:23 AM No, you would need the GX version for the V8 part:VGXSD-TRN (https://www.victory4x4.com/product/VGXSD-TRN.html)
    Q Nick Linehan • 07/11/2020, 8:31:15 AM Hi. I have a 19 4Runner TRD Pro. Will the mid skid work with the TRD front skid? Thanks
    A 07/13/2020, 5:12:22 PM It will not work without modifying the TRD skid.
    Q Paul • 09/05/2020, 7:40:00 PM Will this work with kdss off road 2019 ?
    A 09/09/2020, 3:00:07 PM Yes
    Q Adrian • 11/01/2020, 1:09:48 AM Does this fit a 2019 TRD Off Road Premium?
    A 11/03/2020, 4:03:33 PM You would need to trim your factory engine skid for this skid to fit. We will be updating our install document with more information soon.
    Q Ryan McCou • 02/24/2021, 4:50:38 PM does this protect the catalytic converters from being accessed?
    A 02/26/2021, 10:48:35 AM It does cover them entirely from underneath. Looking from the side, there is a gap of only about 4-5" between the frame and the skid because of the crossmember drop.
    Q Chris • 02/25/2021, 11:11:57 AM DIes this work with 2016 Toyota 4runner SR5 and does it cover catalytic converter?
    A 02/26/2021, 10:16:05 AM Yes it does work on a 2016 and does cover the catalytic converter.
    Q Chris • 02/26/2021, 11:20:54 AM Hi! Does the full gas tank skid plate cover what the mid skid plate would cover? Or are they two separate areas of the underneath of my 4runner? I plan on buying the front & the gas tank skid plates but noticed you have a mid one as well. Thank you
    A 03/01/2021, 3:13:17 PM They cover separate areas and work great together to protect your 4runner underside.
    Q John • 03/09/2021, 9:44:18 PM Will this work with the oem factory front plate? 07 4runner
    A 03/11/2021, 3:26:23 PM It will not.
    Q Tana • 03/10/2021, 4:29:44 PM Would this work for a 2000 Toyota 4Runner limited?
    A 03/11/2021, 9:51:16 AM It will not, only 03+.
    Q Steve • 04/11/2021, 3:01:21 AM I have a 2021 4Runner SR5 Premium with the factory front skid plate. Us this compatible?
    A 04/12/2021, 1:13:17 PM It will not work with the factory front skid, no.
    Q Bill De La Portilla` • 06/12/2021, 4:34:07 PM Does the 4RUNNER MID SKID PLATE | 4TH & 5TH GEN (03+) fit a 2019 4Runner TRD Trail runner?
    A 06/25/2021, 11:53:18 AM As long as you run our front skid as well, yes.
    Q John • 07/12/2021, 2:49:26 PM I plan on buying your different armor plates but at different times due to budget. In terms of install, does it matter the order in which I get them? Do any cover up or block access to another?
    A 07/23/2021, 10:58:16 AM We'd do them front to back if you install them one at a time.
    Q Gary • 07/13/2021, 6:54:23 PM I have a 2021 ORP. I just want to buy the transmission cover for CATALYTIC protection. Do you i have to revised anything with my OEM front skid plate?
    A 07/23/2021, 10:58:16 AM Our mid skid won't fit with the Pro front skid.
    Q Joe • 08/05/2021, 2:16:18 PM Does this product fit a 2016 Trail Edition? I assume is also cover the catalytic converter
    A 08/12/2021, 4:01:01 PM It will, but it will only work with our front skid, not any OEM front skid. It does not cover the cat well enough for any protection from theft.
    Q Tony Olivieri • 09/05/2021, 3:23:23 PM Will this section be able to be mounted by itself to protect the catalytic converter? And will it work with the C4 low-profile bumper?
    A 09/07/2021, 1:49:46 PM It can be. You will need to remove(or trim to fit) the rear section of the factory front skid.
    Q Jake • 10/08/2021, 1:01:23 PM Will the mid skid cover the same area as the transfer case skid?
    A 10/18/2021, 11:04:28 AM It does not, you will need both for full coverage.
    Q Kelli • 12/31/2021, 3:40:21 AM I have a 2020 TRD-OR 4Runner with Lil B’s full hybrid bumper. Are your front and mid skids compatible with this bumper? Thanks!
    A 01/04/2022, 5:34:47 PM We have not tested with that specific bumper. If you could provide some underside photos to our tech support team, we can probably get a better idea if our skid will fit.
    Q Todd Blanchette • 01/27/2022, 11:42:12 AM I see folks have already asked if it fits with factory skid, but you said the OEM engine skid needs to be modified. Can you clarify what would need to be done to 2016 4Runner SR5 skid plate to make your mid-skid mount to it?
    A 02/11/2022, 4:18:42 PM Our skid is spaced down a little lower and is shaped to fit/lock together with our engine skid, so you would need to trim and space your factory skid to make them work together.
    Q Brian • 04/05/2022, 1:53:41 AM Well this prevent theft of the catalytic converters?
    A 04/06/2022, 12:41:51 PM It will definitely make it more difficult and be a deterrent.
    Q Craig Mac • 05/10/2022, 1:40:42 PM Does the 3rd gen product work with a 1999 Toyota 4runner Limited, 3.4 L, 6 cylinder, and does it cover catalytic converter?
    A 05/12/2022, 2:48:32 PM Yes it will fit. It does not fully cover/enclose the cat, but does enough to act as a deterrent.
    Q Jamie Samerpong • 06/21/2022, 1:25:53 AM Does this full skid fit a 2021 trd off road premium with kdss?
    A 06/21/2022, 11:27:32 AM Yes it will
    Q Raphael • 07/22/2022, 3:14:46 AM I've read online that the 3rd gen 4runner skid plates will swap with the 1st gen tacomas. Will that be true for this as well? And if so how much would it cover on a first gen?
    A 08/15/2022, 4:02:12 PM It is possible, but we have not yet test fit on a 1st gen Tacoma.
    Q Sean • 09/16/2022, 8:35:16 PM Is it possible to service the front differential (change oil) with this plate installed on a 2007 4Runner 4x4? I have it installed on mine and was hoping to perform the diff oil change without removing, but I don't see a way to access the drain plug with it on. It looks like I can probably access the fill plug, but not drain.
    A 09/27/2022, 10:56:15 AM You will need to remove the skid to service the front diff.
    Q Umair H • 11/22/2022, 6:54:44 AM Is the aluminum capable of being polished to a mirror finish?
    A 12/01/2022, 10:38:33 AM If you wanted to polish it, sure.
    Q Billy P • 02/19/2023, 1:49:35 PM Can I install only this plate if I have factory front & rear guards? 98’ 4Runner
    A 02/23/2023, 11:42:16 AM Not without modification. There are designed to work with our skids.
    Q Mel • 05/11/2023, 3:00:01 AM I have a 1997 4Runner SR5 4x4. Will this fit, and does it also come with a cover for the catalytic converter?
    A 05/22/2023, 5:16:41 PM If you select the 3rd gen option, this skid will fit your 1997 4Runner. The catalytic converter protection is built into the skid plate, it is not a separate cover.
    Q Ian O'Brien • 05/20/2023, 4:56:40 AM 3rd gen, in the installation video of the transmission plate it appears the vehicle has had the cat removed. I have a 02 with dual cats and am very interested in your product but am curious how much of the cats would be protected from theft on an 01-02 rig? Would you ever consider making something for that specific purpose? Thanks
    A 06/22/2023, 10:31:23 AM The skid plate sits directly below the cats but there is about 4 inches of clearance between the frame rail and the skid.
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    4.40/5 Stars out of 5 Reviews
    Mid skid bolt holes?
    (BC, Canada) | August 3rd, 2021
    I purchased the mid skid aluminum plate and just installed it. It was shipped a few weeks past the lead time. It arrived well packaged and looked fine. I like the fact that I can keep my factory engine plate which lets me get the other skids at a later date. The install instructions were sufficient. The only issue was with the mounting holes. The front bolt holes do not match the back. So the choice was to only bolt up the front bolts or the rear bolts. But you know that this won't do. Good thing that I chose aluminum so it was less difficult to drill out the bolt holes. It was all good afterwards.
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