GX Front Bumper | Strike | 470 (03-09)

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  • GX Front Bumper | Strike | 470 (03-09)
  • GX Front Bumper | Strike | 470 (03-09)
  • GX Front Bumper | Strike | 470 (03-09)
  • GX Front Bumper | Strike | 470 (03-09)
  • GX Front Bumper | Strike | 470 (03-09)
  • GX Front Bumper | Strike | 470 (03-09)
  • GX Front Bumper | Strike | 470 (03-09)
  • GX Front Bumper | Strike | 470 (03-09)
  • GX Front Bumper | Strike | 470 (03-09)
  • GX Front Bumper | Strike | 470 (03-09)



Code: VGXFS-47

Weight: Steel 90 | Aluminum 50 (lbs)

      Victory 4x4 Strike GX Front Winch Bumper | 470 (03-09)

      When you need extra tire clearance, maximum protection, plus recovery options for your GX; our Strike Series front bumper is a perfect choice. This made in the USA bumper features an integrated 20" lightbar mount, 3/4" recovery tabs, plus provisions for many industry-standard winches.The bumper is available in a two-stage satin textured black powder coat over durable zinc primer finish.
      • CNC cut and formed from .188" steel or .250" aluminum.
      • Compatible with most 8-10k non-integrated solenoid or removable selenoid winches.
      • Built-in provisions for standard 3"x3" cube lights.
      • Built in provisions for a 20" single row light bar (22" max mounting width)
      • Not compatible with Onx6 20" Light Bar.
      • Hardware Included.
      • Proudly designed and made in the USA.

      Listed weights are with no tubing; single hoops and prerunner tube work add roughly 10 lbs in steel, 5lbs in aluminum; full grill and light protection tubing adds 30 lbs in steel, 15lbs in aluminum. (Not all tubing options are available on all bumpers.)

      Ships freight only! Rate calculated at checkout. Please contact us with any questions: https://www.victory4x4.com/CTUS.html

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23 Questions asked on GX Front Bumper | Strike | 470 (03-09)

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Q Paul • 08/10/2020, 10:13:00 PM Does the bumper come as pictured? Does it require any modifications to the truck to fit? The pieces below the headlights are part of the bumper? Do the bolt on? (The pieces below the headlights.)
A 08/11/2020, 5:32:46 PM The bumper comes as shown with the headlight filler panels, yes. Please see the install document for specific installation.
Q Scott • 01/04/2021, 0:09:40 AM What size winch can this hold?
A 01/04/2021, 1:15:57 PM It's compatible with most 8-10k non-integrated solenoid or removable solenoid winches.
Q Parker • 01/07/2021, 2:36:09 AM What size tires are on the GX pictured here? I’m considering mounting 315/70/17s and want to make sure this bumper will clear them
A 01/07/2021, 1:16:37 PM These are 285/70R17. Should be fine with your tires, but the wings would be pretty easy to trim if you needed the room.
Q Jordan • 04/12/2021, 4:12:26 PM What does the bumper weigh in steel and what does it weigh in aluminum?
A 04/21/2021, 2:41:23 PM Weight: Steel 90 | Aluminum 50 (lbs)
Q Brian • 04/13/2021, 11:33:38 PM The only thing deterring me from buying this is the logo on the GX470 bumper. Is it possible to get it without the logo?
A 04/21/2021, 2:11:12 PM They are only available with the logo.
Q Pete Be;dia • 04/20/2021, 10:28:08 AM Where can I buy the winch and how much?
A 04/21/2021, 2:11:12 PM We recommend the WARN VR 8S. You can buy them at any WARN dealer.
Q Hyung • 04/27/2021, 1:26:53 AM Can you recommend a reliable winch with a 9000 or more pulling capacity? One that also includes a Synthetic line option.
A 04/28/2021, 5:26:15 PM Warn VR10-S
Q Justin • 05/17/2021, 6:20:49 PM Anyone able to fit a Badland Apex 12,000lb winch from harbor freight in this?
A 05/21/2021, 10:18:52 AM You would likely need to relocate the control box, but it will fit.
Q Joe • 08/23/2021, 5:26:25 PM Will the lower headlight fixtures pictured be included with the bumper?
A 09/02/2021, 3:39:52 PM Yes
Q David • 12/16/2021, 4:41:58 PM does that bottom cowling/skid plate come with the bumper?
A 12/20/2021, 10:37:37 AM The transition skid plate/panel (between the bumper and engine skid) does come with the bumper. The engine skid is sold separately.
Q Mark Eidschun • 01/04/2022, 10:03:20 AM Is the light bar cutout for a single or double row light bar?
A 01/04/2022, 5:34:47 PM Single row.
Q Bryan Rickards • 03/02/2022, 11:37:30 PM How long does the install take?
A 03/04/2022, 1:49:01 PM A shop would likely charge for about 4 hrs for the bumper install, plus time for wiring a winch or lights.
Q Frank • 08/26/2022, 11:40:06 PM Is this bumper 100% bolt on ???
A 08/29/2022, 2:23:52 PM There is a small amount of trimming required underneath factory body panels. Checkout the install document on the product page for more info.
Q Nick • 11/28/2022, 7:35:37 PM What is the current lead time on this?
A 12/01/2022, 10:54:56 AM Lead times are updated here: https://www.victory4x4.com/LEADTIMES.html
Q Justin Fischer • 12/25/2022, 9:10:52 AM Love the bumper, considering buying it. Could it fit 35s with this bumper? Or would it need trimmed on the wings? Can that be done with trimming?
A 01/03/2023, 2:29:09 PM Depending on lift height and alignment specs, honestly. But you can always trim the wings worst case.
Q Moses • 01/03/2023, 2:01:49 PM What is the maximum width for the single row light bar mounting. The one I'm looking at is 21.95 " and want to make sure it will mount in place.
A 01/03/2023, 2:29:09 PM 22" max between the mounting tabs.
Q jake • 03/04/2023, 8:44:45 PM will this work with the warn vr evo 10-s
A 03/13/2023, 12:13:56 PM Yes.
Q Hunter Odom • 04/13/2023, 3:35:56 PM In description it says there’s other loopps are they available on the gx470 besides just full grill
A 04/17/2023, 7:24:12 PM That is just a general disclaimer for our bumpers. This bumper is available with no tube work or the full tube with headlight hoops only.
Q Leonard • 09/19/2023, 10:42:43 PM Would you be able to customize the steel bumper to reduce weight, such as cut outs. Also, what is the thickness and grade of aluminum that bumper version.
A 10/19/2023, 4:07:45 PM The aluminum option is 1/4 inch, we do not offer any custom options outside of the ones shown on the product page already.
Q Quin • 11/16/2023, 11:09:30 PM What are the dimensions of the opening for led light pods? I want to install ss3 flush mount pods
A 11/22/2023, 11:39:54 AM The openings are designed to accept 3x3 surface mounted pods. Flush mounts would not work.
Q Quin • 11/19/2023, 1:01:55 AM Does the mesh come out in order to install a light bar and does the victory logo block or create a shadow? Are the LED pods included to replace factory fogs?
A 11/22/2023, 11:31:37 AM The mesh panel is an option piece that can be purchased separately. The bumper would not come with that piece. All lighting is sold separately.
Q Joe • 01/19/2024, 8:58:20 PM Would these fit with stock suspension? I’m planning on adding a lift but want to replaced my damaged bumper first.
A 01/23/2024, 2:26:40 PM Yes, this will fit on with a stock suspension.
Q Musawir Attar • 03/06/2024, 1:12:11 AM Does this bumper comes built like that, or is it in pieces and I have to weld it together?
A 05/31/2024, 10:51:11 AM This bumper comes already built.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
5/5 Stars out of 2 Reviews
Full Strike Bumper
(Kentucky) | May 25th, 2021
Overall, I would say I love this bumper. This bumper has met and exceeded my expectations. Overall quality is excellent. Shipping was on a pallet with TONS of packing foam and well protected. I got the full package with the guard rails and powder coated. First of, the best thing about this bumper is that is does not protrude out like most other bumpers. The bull bars are tucked in tight leaving about 1/2 in for the hood to clear when opening. Which is perfect because it does not stick out too far. The bumper itself does not stick out like others. I got a 9000 lb winch, it fits just fine. The control box was top mounted so had to move it just a little but no big issue. I moved the release handle to point down/forward of the winch to access the release through the cutout. it fit perfectly with an L handle. I had a T handle release and shaved 1 side down and it looks like it was meant to be there. Install was relatively easy to do by myself. Only needed to cut 2plastic retailer clips off the fender and it molded up perfectly. The headlight filler plates are steel and nicely rounded to fit the curve of the vehicle. The mounting plate came with a backplate for added support/protection to secure it to the frame. I only had to drill 2 holes on each side for added security. For the side lights, I put 2" flush mount lights in the side holes and used the original inside light mount bracket to mount 2" rock lights protected underneath. Turned out perfect. Wish I could show pictures. Maybe Victory will let me share. Install video from this page definitely helped and install instructions were very good and easy to follow.
Headlight filler piece question
(Colorado) | September 1st, 2020
What material is the filler piece made out of?
Please note: Install videos are meant to be used as a guide, and aren't always the most up to date information on product installation and improvements.
Please be sure to read the PDF installation instructions as well.

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