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  • Ladder | Adventure Carrier
  • Ladder | Adventure Carrier
  • Ladder | Adventure Carrier
  • Ladder | Adventure Carrier
  • Ladder | Adventure Carrier
  • Ladder | Adventure Carrier




Weight: 12 (lbs)

Free Shipping!

    Rear ladder designed to allow easy access to your roof rack without mounting to the hatch. 

    • Coated with a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish.
    • Bolt on installation to Victory 4x4 Adventure Carriers (Left).
    • Hand built in the USA!
    • Free Shipping!

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Q Joshua • 09/11/2020, 10:27:50 AM What is the weightlimit on this ladder.
A 09/14/2020, 4:09:50 PM We've tested it up to 275 lbs or so.
Q Joe • 09/18/2020, 10:37:48 PM Will it fit a Tacoma 3rd gen
A 09/24/2020, 11:01:43 AM Yes.
Q Tony • 10/02/2020, 4:22:23 PM Will the ladder work on a 3rd gen tacoma with a rear shell over the bed? (pro-top shell) One photo looks like the ladder intrudes into the bed a little.
A 10/06/2020, 2:10:22 PM We haven't tested this specifically, but there should be enough clearance on shells that have an angled rear window.
Q Blake • 10/24/2020, 11:21:12 PM Does the product required the rear bumper?
A 10/26/2020, 5:00:50 PM It requires the Adventure carrier and rear bumper, yes.
Q Jay • 12/25/2020, 10:05:54 PM Does this combination cover the oem license plate location? Can I get a straight on picture?
A 12/30/2020, 4:56:07 PM The ladder only mounts to the bumper swing (VAC) yes you would need to relocate your license plate with this option.
Q Jason • 01/06/2021, 4:41:30 PM Hardware included?
A 01/07/2021, 1:16:37 PM Yes it is.
Q Jt • 01/30/2021, 3:42:59 AM Could you possibly mount a spare tire to it?
A 02/02/2021, 12:30:16 PM Using this mount you can mount a spare tire to either adventure carrier.
Q Joe • 03/05/2021, 12:03:06 PM Does this item fit a 2016 4Runner. My spare tire is located under vehicle
A 03/05/2021, 1:04:42 PM Yes, it does. It requires our Strike Rear Bumper and Adventure Carrier to mount.
Q dinshu • 03/15/2021, 11:26:50 PM this seems to be only good for the left side monut? or can i use it on the right side swing like where you have the tire in the picture
A 03/16/2021, 3:46:53 PM Only works with a left side carrier.
Q Randall Smith • 02/24/2022, 3:32:28 PM Could this ladder be used to get into a RTT? I’m wanting two swing arms but also I like the idea of having a ladder in the back for tent entry.
A 03/04/2022, 2:04:39 PM I could, but it's a long step from the last rung to the tent.
Q Team Castro • 01/27/2023, 11:38:10 PM Does this fit my 2000 Land Cruiser and can you please tell me what else we would need for it to fit
A 01/30/2023, 4:39:19 PM It's meant to fit on our shield carrier: We do have a bumper that fits your landcruiser here:
Q Dan • 03/04/2023, 5:08:21 PM What mounts/attachments are you putting that shovel on the ladder with?
A 03/13/2023, 11:54:40 AM Quickfist mounts.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
5/5 Stars out of 2 Reviews
Perfect add on to complete the look.
(Knoxville TN) | May 11th, 2021
I’ll be honest when it came in before the bumper I was like what the absolute midget flick is this. Being 6’3” and holding this up to my leg it came to knee height. But I think victory did that on purpose so you have that holy crap this thing looks badass when you actually install it. The bend follows the contour of the 4Runner perfectly and immediately realized why it couldn’t be made any longer. The cut out in the 4Runner rear hatch clears it by centimeters and makes it even more badass with that. When you get to see it from the side all mounted up. It makes the bumper. You guys couldn’t have done any better. 100% love my little ladder and adds so much functionality as a mount for other items what couldn’t fit otherwise if you’re running a full setup on the adventure carriers.
Note From Victory 4x4: Haha, thanks for the review Adam.
Love this item
(Chicago) | March 24th, 2021
Got this when purchasing the rear bumper. It looks so good and I get tons of compliments on it. Definitely prefer over the hatch mounted options. Very solid and sturdy unit!
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