4Runner Rear Bumper | Strike | 4th Gen (03-09)

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  • 4Runner Rear Bumper | Strike | 4th Gen (03-09)
  • 4Runner Rear Bumper | Strike | 4th Gen (03-09)
  • 4Runner Rear Bumper | Strike | 4th Gen (03-09)
  • 4Runner Rear Bumper | Strike | 4th Gen (03-09)
  • 4Runner Rear Bumper | Strike | 4th Gen (03-09)
  • 4Runner Rear Bumper | Strike | 4th Gen (03-09)
  • 4Runner Rear Bumper | Strike | 4th Gen (03-09)
  • 4Runner Rear Bumper | Strike | 4th Gen (03-09)
  • 4Runner Rear Bumper | Strike | 4th Gen (03-09)
  • 4Runner Rear Bumper | Strike | 4th Gen (03-09)



Code: V4R4RS

Weight: 150 (lbs)

    When you need maximum protection, recovery options, and a modular swingout system; our Strike Series rear bumper is the perfect choice. This made in the USA bumper features integrated cube light mounts, 3/4" recovery tabs, and built-in provisions for dual swingouts that can be added or removed at any time! The bumper is available in a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish, or in bare metal.

      • CNC cut and formed from .188" steel.
      • Built-in hitch.¹
      • Built-in provisions for cube lights.
      • Built-in provisions for left and right Adventure Carriers (can be added at any time).
      • Built-in Hi-Lift jack points.
      • Bolt-on installation.
      • Proudly designed and made in the USA.
    Ships freight only! Rate calculated at checkout. Please contact us with any questions: https://www.victory4x4.com/CTUS.html

    ¹ Built-in hitch tied-in to the factory V6 hitch receiver mounting locationsDesigned to support the loads of the factory tow capacity, but carries no SAE certification, nor is it designed to meet any DOT or FMCSA regulation.
      We produce these products in a low volume compared to the OEMs or aftermarket receiver hitch companies. As such, it's not feasible for us to get this product tested against SAE J684 specifications or design it meet specific DOT or FMCSA regulations. So while we try to over-engineer our products with the loads of the factory vehicle capacity in mind; towing a trailer on public highways is at your own risk and we make no claims on the legality or viability of doing soWe cannot offer any recommendations on capacity beyond this. If the ratings of the factory receiver hitch are important to you, we would recommend choosing a bumper that keeps that in place.

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    15 Questions asked on 4Runner Rear Bumper | Strike | 4th Gen (03-09)

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    Q Alain • 10/09/2020, 5:17:58 PM I like the bumper but watching the install video makes me wonder about the cosmetic fit and if it is somewhat adjustable. Thanks.
    A 10/16/2020, 3:25:50 PM There is some adjustment, yes. Feel free to ask any specific questions directly to [email protected]
    Q Mark Garrison • 10/14/2020, 10:44:32 PM It looks like the bumper bolts on and isn’t welded which is great. Does the tow capacity of the the vehicle (2007 4runner) for me change at all? I want to make sure it doesn’t decrease.
    A 10/16/2020, 3:25:50 PM Please see the description of this product as it describes tow capacity.
    Q Derrick Watkins • 10/17/2020, 1:41:31 PM What is the weight of the Strike rear bumper for the 4th gen 4Runner and a single Adventure carrier swing out?
    A 10/20/2020, 7:03:20 PM 190 lbs
    Q Dave • 12/05/2020, 7:46:18 PM What type and size of cube lights are going to fit best? Where are the mounts located, top or bottom?
    A 12/09/2020, 4:56:08 PM Most 3"x3" cube lights fit great. The mounts are on the bottom.
    Q Terry • 12/16/2020, 0:03:42 AM I have a 1" body lift. Is the bumper adjustable enough to align correctly with the body?
    A 12/23/2020, 5:37:41 PM The bumper has no adjustably for body lifts.
    Q Jonathan Mares • 12/27/2020, 1:00:31 AM Is this rear bumper compatible with existing receiver hitches installed to to the frame (not the factory V6 hitch)? Can the supplied hitch be removed? I understand the supplied hitch is not rated. Looking to retain factory towing specs with a rear bumper.
    A 12/30/2020, 4:56:07 PM No, the bumper is not compatible with any frame mounted hitch.
    Q Ben Rose • 02/04/2021, 0:52:19 AM Is the number fully assembled when I would receive it? Or do I have to weld it together when I receive it?
    A 02/08/2021, 11:48:56 AM It is fully welded.
    Q Erik B. Keifer • 11/18/2021, 8:35:13 PM Sorry if this is covered somewhere; I just haven’t found it. Will this work on a 2007 V8 that has a factory hitch? I know the hitch has to be removed, but I only saw references to the V6 model. Thanks, much.
    A 12/06/2021, 10:49:36 AM Yes it will!
    Q Frank Morris • 01/08/2022, 10:59:24 PM Do you make a tow capacity for the V8 sport edition?
    A 01/12/2022, 10:43:26 AM We don't.
    Q Art • 01/14/2022, 8:02:25 PM I have a 35 inch tires on the rear with 2.5 inch lift is there any issue if I install this bumper???I have a 2005 toyota 4 runner SR5…
    A 01/17/2022, 11:13:28 AM You should have no issues, as long as you don't have a body lift (would cause a large gap between the body and bumper).
    Q John Gottes • 04/23/2022, 0:21:46 AM Hi On the 4th gen 4Runner, the pics show the OEM bumper removed, and your new bumper tucking up right under the rear lights. On the 5th gen 4Runner, a portion of the OEM bumper is retained on the sides, with your bumper coming in maybe 6” below the rear lights. Still the same? Retaining some of the OEM bumper on the sides looks nice . . .
    A 04/25/2022, 10:52:44 AM Yes, this is still the same. The 4th gen rear is a full replacement.
    Q Joseph Carter • 08/29/2022, 12:57:17 PM I love the bumper and the cube light mounts, but what would I hook up the cube lights to? Tap into the reverse lights?
    A 08/29/2022, 2:17:59 PM Yes, you could tap into the reverse lights or wire them to their own switch.
    Q Ethan Lines • 12/20/2022, 11:29:19 AM I see only a reference to the V6 4th gen in the description/Q&A. If put it on an ‘07 V8, will this bumper tow the same 7000lb capacity?
    A 12/20/2022, 2:28:33 PM It will not. The V8 towing capacity is only with the full OEM hitch that goes from frame rail to frame rail.
    Q Ivan • 02/02/2023, 1:25:23 PM If I have a Victory 4x4 ladder mounted on the driver’s side, will I be able to use this bumper with adventure carrier on the contralateral side with a 285/70r17 tire mounted on it? Thank you.
    A 02/03/2023, 1:53:04 PM Yes, that would work fine.
    Q Joe Strietelmeier • 02/17/2023, 11:47:27 AM How much clearance does this bumper gain over the factory hitch location?
    A 02/23/2023, 11:42:16 AM It's similar to the location of the factory hitch that just bolts to the cross member (maybe slightly more clearance,) but it's about 2-3" higher than the 7k hitch.
    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    5.00/5 Stars out of 1 Review
    Great Bumper
    (Denver Colorado) | November 8th, 2021
    Really enjoying this bumper. The construction of it is great and the install user friendly. Not to mention the companies customer service was amazing. As they state, old frames have variance in them so in order to get mine to fit as tightly as i wanted it to, i needed to cut and shorten the side supports. No knock on Victory, just the nature of old vehicles.


    Add clearance and protection off-road, while adding exterior storage.


    Add or remove Adventure Carriers at any time to suit your adventure.


    A wide variety of accessory / lighting mounts available and the list is growing!

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    The Victory 4x4 Bomb Proof Spindle design makes for the strongest carriers on the market.

    Please note: Install videos are meant to be used as a guide, and aren't always the most up to date information on product installation and improvements.
    Please be sure to read the PDF installation instructions (if available) as well.

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