Tacoma Rear Bumper | Strike | 3rd Gen (16-23)

★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.86/5 Stars. (7 Reviews)
  • Tacoma Rear Bumper | Strike | 3rd Gen (16-23)
  • Tacoma Rear Bumper | Strike | 3rd Gen (16-23)
  • Tacoma Rear Bumper | Strike | 3rd Gen (16-23)
  • Tacoma Rear Bumper | Strike | 3rd Gen (16-23)
  • Tacoma Rear Bumper | Strike | 3rd Gen (16-23)
  • Tacoma Rear Bumper | Strike | 3rd Gen (16-23)
  • Tacoma Rear Bumper | Strike | 3rd Gen (16-23)
  • Tacoma Rear Bumper | Strike | 3rd Gen (16-23)
  • Tacoma Rear Bumper | Strike | 3rd Gen (16-23)
  • Tacoma Rear Bumper | Strike | 3rd Gen (16-23)
  • Tacoma Rear Bumper | Strike | 3rd Gen (16-23)



Code: VT3RS

Weight: 120 (lbs)

    Strike Rear Bumper | 3rd Gen (2016+)

    When you need maximum protection, recovery options, and a modular swing-out system; our Strike Series rear bumper is the perfect choice. This made in the USA bumper features integrated cube light mounts, 3/4" recovery tabs, and built-in provisions for dual swing-outs that can be added or removed at any time! (Sold separately.) The bumper is coated in a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish.

    • CNC cut and formed from .188" steel.
    • Built-in hidden hitch¹ under flippable license plate mount.²
    • Cutouts for OEM trailer plug and license plate lights.
    • Built in provisions for cube lights.
    • Built-in provisions for left and right Adventure Carriers (can be added at any time, sold separately; see related products below.)
    • Proudly designed and made in the USA.
    • Bolt-on installation.
    • Compatible with backup sensors, but not BSM sensors.
    • Adventure carriers and accessories sold separately, see related items below.

    Ships freight only! Rate calculated at checkout. Please contact us with any questions: https://www.victory4x4.com/CTUS.html

    ¹ Concessions have been made for extra ground clearance and a sleek appearance and you will need to adjust your equipment accordingly. Depending on your setup this may mean longer drop hitches, wiring extensions, etc...

    ² Designed to support the loads of the factory tow capacity, but carries no SAE certification, nor is it designed to meet any DOT or FMCSA regulation.
    We produce these products in a low volume compared to the OEMs or aftermarket receiver hitch companies. As such, it's not feasible for us to get this product tested against SAE J684 specifications or design it meet specific DOT or FMCSA regulations. So while we try to over-engineer our products with the loads of the factory vehicle capacity in mind; towing a trailer on public highways is at your own risk and we make no claims on the legality or viability of doing so. We cannot offer any recommendations on capacity beyond this. If the ratings of the factory receiver hitch are important to you, we would recommend choosing a bumper that keeps that in place.

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17 Questions asked on Tacoma Rear Bumper | Strike | 3rd Gen (16-23)

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Q Jerry • 05/02/2020, 11:46:03 AM Is this bumper available in aluminum?
A 05/04/2020, 10:07:42 AM Steel only.
Q Jose • 05/13/2020, 2:35:48 PM So do the backup sensors still work with this bumper?
A 05/15/2020, 1:52:09 PM Back up sensors will work, blind spot monitors will not.
Q Lane Maddie • 05/15/2020, 6:42:54 PM What is the purpose of the cutouts on the inside of the recover mounts?
A 05/19/2020, 2:35:51 PM They are hi-lift jack points.
Q Tate • 07/21/2020, 6:26:28 AM Does this come with plugs if the truck isn't equipped with backup sensors?
A 07/21/2020, 11:32:11 AM Yes it does.
Q Marco Cortez • 09/15/2020, 1:33:02 PM Does this bumper have any more ground clearance over the stock plastic bumper by any chance?
A 09/24/2020, 11:01:43 AM They are similar.
Q Andy B • 12/17/2020, 3:13:15 PM Does This bumper accommodate dual swing out arms?
A 12/23/2020, 5:37:41 PM Yes
Q Rob • 02/14/2021, 6:24:46 PM I see that plugs come with the bumper if you don't have back up sensors. What size are the back up sensor holes punched out to?
A 02/15/2021, 1:16:04 PM Roughly .900"
Q Melissa • 04/13/2021, 10:35:43 AM I see that you went to the trouble of putting handy tabs inside the bumper to hold those pod lights, but is there any chance that some flush mount lights could fit through those holes?
A 04/21/2021, 2:41:23 PM They probably won't work without modification to the bumper.
Q Tom • 07/05/2021, 4:45:53 PM I’m a little confused from your install video. Can I reinstall the original hitch and location for my weight distribution hitch and trailer?
A 07/08/2021, 2:01:38 PM The Tacoma rear has no provisions for the OEM hitch.
Q Sam • 07/31/2021, 6:41:21 PM Will the rear strike bumper fit my 2014 Tacoma?
A 08/12/2021, 4:01:01 PM Look for that version soon, product code will be VT2RS.
Q Jeremy • 09/11/2021, 7:05:25 PM Do you provide a spot to move the backup camera if you mount a tire carrier?
A 09/15/2021, 3:03:47 PM Yes! You will need our Camera Relocation Kit to move it to the spare tire.
Q George • 11/09/2021, 6:46:22 PM What is the weight of the Tacoma Rear Bumper | Strike | 3rd Gen ?
A 11/10/2021, 11:43:35 AM About 120lbs.
Q Lalu • 01/09/2023, 11:42:37 PM What is the size of the light cut outs or what size lights are installed on the install video?
A 01/10/2023, 12:51:06 PM They are designed for 3" x 3" cube lights. Baja Designs Squadron Sports are installed in the video.
Q Lalu • 01/10/2023, 0:06:02 AM There is no way to have a tow hitch installed with this bumper?
A 01/10/2023, 12:51:06 PM Not a factory-style hitch, no.
Q John • 07/09/2023, 10:20:09 AM Do y’all still offer the wrap around version?
A 11/21/2023, 2:26:11 PM We do not, that bumper has been discontinued.
Q Scott • 07/24/2023, 9:07:43 PM Is there an option for bare metal?
A 11/21/2023, 2:59:19 PM We do not currently offer this bumper in bare metal.
Q Tyler • 08/26/2023, 11:09:21 AM Does the bumper have a hitch receiver?
A 11/29/2023, 3:48:06 PM Yes, the receiver is built into the bumper.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.86/5 Stars out of 7 Reviews
Awesome bumper!
(Boone NC) | May 18th, 2023
The bumper is great. Check out my installation video. It fills in some of the gaps from the Victory video. https://youtu.be/x6ckSWxg9CY
Forgot parts
(Maryland) | January 3rd, 2022
The bumpers look really good. There was fabrication issues on the front bumper, my mechanic had to make shift spacers to make the light bar fit. (That’s really lousy for how much these bumpers cost) And on the rear bumper they forgot to include the license plate hinge, so my truck is still sitting in the shop in pieces because They can’t put the license plate on, so I’m waiting for the company to ship it while my truck just sits in the shop. Also they were about two months past the leadtime, so you think it would’ve showed up perfect. Quality looks good, just know it’s not gonna slide right on. The fabrications are not perfect, but a good mechanic will get it done!
Note From Victory 4x4: Depending on the width of your specific light bar, you may need some sort of spacer to install it. There is no real standard width for 20" bars, so we have to allow some adjustability.
Great rear bumper.
(Fort Worth) | September 23rd, 2021
Truthfully I have the Strike II with the high clearance wings but this is just as solid. This is a well built bumper that I did have to bang on with a rubber sledge but its gives me confidence that it won't shift or wiggle whatsoever in its lifetime. I did have minor issues lining up the rear most bolt for the 8 main frame bolts but once aligned it didn't move whatsoever with all the bolts loose. It does come with little plugs for the future adventure carrier install to keep them clean and free of grime. All the electrical slots fit with no issues and worked with nothing more than zip tying them up the frame after reinstall. I do wish it didn't have slots for backup sensors as I have nothing to plug them with so I have 4 small holes without anything to cover them as the moment. Still excellent 5/5 overall.
Tough Butt
(Los Angeles, California) | May 18th, 2020
Super high quality product! I ordered this for my truck in the hope to add some protection to my rear end from bad drivers and rocky trails while maintaining my factory towing capacity. Install was easy enough and the videos and support available gave me all the confidence I needed. Excellent product from a stand up company.
| March 23rd, 2020
Purchased this bumper summer 19. Easy install! I appreciated the youtube install video and intend on getting more products in the future.
BSM on 3rd Gen Tacoma
| September 10th, 2019
Do you plan on creating a rear bumper for a 3rd Gen Tacoma with both BSM and backup sensors?
Fantastic bumper!
(South Carolina) | March 30th, 2020
First , I love this bumper... it looks great and it is tough without weighing a ton. The install can be done by one person if they are careful although the video makes it look easier than it is. There are only two things I’d take issue with ...I don’t have stock sensors so I was very happy that plugs were provided. I’m not sure , however, if they fit very well. I have them in and they are glued in — time will tell. Finally, why the odd size nuts/ bolts? I’m not sure why the bracket to frame bolts and the bumper to bracket bolts are different sizes. Also, the nut and Allen head license plate combo is a tad unique— I can’t say I’m looking forward to loosening that Allen bolt once I have to change tags. Still, these are very minor issues ... I look forward to loading up my Tacoma with Victory products!


Add clearance and protection off-road, while adding exterior storage.


Add or remove Adventure Carriers at any time to suit your adventure.


A wide variety of accessory / lighting mounts available and the list is growing!

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The Victory 4x4 Bomb Proof Spindle design makes for the strongest carriers on the market.

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