Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)

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  • Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)
  • Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)
  • Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)
  • Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)
  • Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)
  • Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)
  • Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)
  • Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)
  • Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)
  • Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)
  • Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)
  • Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)
  • Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)
  • Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)
  • Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)



Code: VTU3RS

Weight: 120 (lbs)

      Tundra Rear Strike Bumper | (2014-21)

      When you need maximum protection, increased departure angle, recovery options, and a modular swing-out system; our Strike Series rear bumper is the perfect choice. This made in the USA bumper features integrated cube light mounts, 3/4" recovery tabs, and built-in provisions for dual swing-outs that can be added or removed at any time! (Sold separately.) The bumper is coated in a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish.

      • CNC cut and formed from .188" steel.
      • Compatible with the factory hitch receiver (2014-2020) or our our optional hidden hitch (see related products below.)
      • Not compatible with the factory hitch receiver (2021). 2021 models must use our hidden hitch (see related products below.)
      • Cutout for OEM trailer plug.
      • Built in provisions for cube lights.
      • Built-in provisions for left and right Adventure Carriers (can be added at any time, sold separately; see related products below.)
      • Proudly designed and made in the USA.
      • Compatible with backup sensors, but not BSM sensors.
      • Requires trimming of the bed.
      • Adventure carriers and accessories sold separately, see related items below.

      ¹ Park Sensor Retainer - Toyota 89348-0C011 (see install video)

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15 Questions asked on Tundra Rear Bumper | Strike | (14-21)

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Q Brandon • 01/22/2021, 9:29:34 PM Can you get the bumper without parking sensor holes? Would it be possible to install dual tires?
A 01/25/2021, 12:06:24 PM We supply caps to cover the holes. You may be able to fit two tires, yes; you would have to be cautions of blocking your taillights however.
Q Colin • 02/23/2021, 10:33:42 AM Will the tire carrier with a 35" tire mounted on it block the backup camera?
A 02/26/2021, 11:04:45 AM It will not directly cover it when installed on the passenger side, but will block some of the field of view. We now have a camera relocation kit! victory4x4.com/product/LPRLC2.html
Q Bjon Pankratz • 03/20/2021, 11:03:14 PM Are the led cube inserts for this back bumper 3” or 4”?
A 03/22/2021, 6:22:06 PM 3"
Q Austin Vorwald • 05/16/2021, 8:17:07 AM How much does the bumper weigh?
A 05/21/2021, 9:59:41 AM 120 lbs
Q Connor Parker • 06/17/2021, 9:11:48 PM Can I fit two 37" tires on dual swingouts?
A 06/25/2021, 11:39:28 AM Not enough room, no.
Q Willem Mast • 09/11/2021, 9:00:44 AM Will this fit, with some modification on a 2nd Gen (2013)?
A 09/23/2021, 1:26:44 PM No, it will not.
Q Robert • 10/15/2021, 1:36:10 PM You posted a link to this rear bumper for the 2nd gen but it links to the bumper. Do you sell the Strike Rear Bumper for the 2nd gen?
A 10/18/2021, 11:35:25 AM We currently only have the Strike Rear Bumper for the 3rd Gen Tundra.
Q TJ • 01/02/2022, 7:28:19 PM can you have 2 x 35', tire each swinging door?
A 01/04/2022, 5:34:47 PM Depending on the true size of your tire, you may get two to fit if you pushed both tires all the way outward, but you would likely be blocking some of your tail light.
Q Kent • 05/28/2022, 4:24:27 PM What is different for the trailer hitch receiver for the 21 to need the hidden receiver? Can any modifications be done to keep the factory receiver? Can any modifications be done to still utilize the blind spot monitoring?
A 06/09/2022, 3:18:46 PM We don't know of any way to keep the factory 21 receiver or the BSM.
Q Connor Chapman • 07/19/2022, 10:00:26 AM Is this rear bumper and tire carrier suitable to hold a single 37" spare?
A 07/19/2022, 1:24:15 PM Yes!
Q Scott • 12/29/2022, 11:30:11 AM Will this strike bumper fit my 2017
A 01/03/2023, 11:27:52 AM Yes, it will fit 2014-2021 model years.
Q Glenn • 01/13/2023, 3:18:26 PM Does it come with the Adventure Carriers or is that separate?
A 01/20/2023, 4:48:49 PM They are seperate.
Q Devin Ferrey • 04/08/2023, 11:00:38 PM Hi - I have a camper on my truck that extends approximately 4” beyond the taillight and maybe 7” beyond the end of the truck bed. The bumper should fit no problem, but I’m curious the clearance of the spare tire/adventure carriers. Have you had anyone install with a camper? Looking at the side photo it seems very close.
A 04/17/2023, 7:24:12 PM Based on those measurements, the swings will not work.
Q Travis Lombardo • 09/06/2023, 11:54:17 PM Will my stock backup camera still show most of my original field of vision if I have one stock sized spare tire on passenger side and the dual jerry can bracket on the driver side?
A 10/19/2023, 4:50:04 PM Most of the camera would be blocked in that instance.
Q Adam • 10/03/2023, 11:40:20 AM What is the tow rating with the hidden hitch design? Seems like a significantly less robust system for towing compared to the factory hitch...
A 10/13/2023, 11:34:19 AM Carries no SAE certification, nor is it designed to meet any DOT or FMCSA regulation. We produce these products in a low volume compared to the OEMs or aftermarket receiver hitch companies. As such, it's not feasible for us to get this product tested against SAE J684 specifications or design it meet specific DOT or FMCSA regulations. So while we try to over-engineer our products with the loads of the factory vehicle capacity in mind; towing a trailer on public highways is at your own risk and we make no claims on the legality or viability of doing so. If you are using the large towing capacity of the Tundra, we recommend keeping the factory receiver hitch which is also compatible with our Tundra Strike Rear Bumper. We cannot offer any recommendations on capacity beyond this.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
3/5 Stars out of 1 Review
Could have been a 5 star review
(Denver) | June 11th, 2022
I bought this bumper with anticipation that it would take 3-4 months to be delivered. However, it was fabbed up and shipped in about 10 weeks. The packaging is top notch, everything arrived perfect. However, once I installed the bumper I quickly realized that it was welded incorrectly and the gap on the passenger side of the truck is 1/2'' where the drivers was rubbing on the paint. Not only this, but the drivers side adventure carrier was also welded out of square and it hangs away and crooked. The fold down tables are fine once you go to the hardware store and get spacers to make up for the huge gap and short hardware that Victory 4x4 provided. I mentioned these points to Victory 4x4 and it's as if I was talking to a wall. My mentions were completely ignored. If you are going to spend 3-4k on a bumper/adventure carrier it should be PERFECT. And your customer service should be too. Very disappointing from a USA company.
Note From Victory 4x4: Max, we may have missed some communication about this bumper from you. The team will be reaching out to work through any issues and get it fitting perfectly. We apologize for the trouble.


Add clearance and protection off-road, while adding exterior storage.


Add or remove Adventure Carriers at any time to suit your adventure.


A wide variety of accessory / lighting mounts available and the list is growing!

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The Victory 4x4 Bomb Proof Spindle design makes for the strongest carriers on the market.

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