Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)

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  • Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)
  • Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)
  • Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)
  • Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)
  • Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)
  • Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)
  • Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)
  • Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)
  • Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)
  • Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)
  • Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)
  • Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)
  • Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)
  • Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)



Code: VC2RK

Weight: 42 (lbs)

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    Roof Rack for Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon | 2nd & 3rd Gen (2015+)

      This roof rack system allows for mounting almost anything, freeing up valuable bed space for other trip essentials. Comes coated with a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish.

      • CNC cut and formed from 3/16" aluminum (steel mounting brackets) with extruded aluminum rails
      • Easy bolt together installation
      • Drilling required
      • Available with or without 40" lightbar cutout
        • Lightbar cutout version includes light bar mounting brackets
        • Cutout fairing designed for 41.25" max lens housing width single row LED light bar. Up to 43.5" (mounting stud width) bar will fit with our mounts, but trimming of the fairing will be required
      • Milled T-nut access points
      • Powdercoated
      • Shown with optional Side Accent Plates (not included).
      • Hardware Included
        • Black stainless hardware available, see related products
      • Made in the USA
      • Free shipping!

      We recommend using paint protection film under the front and rear fairings, where they contact the vehicle. This will prevent dirt and debris from scratching the paint over time.

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16 Questions asked on Colorado Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (2015+)

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Q Kirk Nelson • 04/16/2020, 9:13:54 AM What is the static and dynamic load ratings on this roof rack?
A 04/17/2020, 7:10:31 PM Our racks have a higher load capacity than the roofs that they are mounted to. Please use your vehicle manufacturer load ratings as a guide. Without destructive testing of a vehicle, we have no way to recommend max load ratings.
Q Robert • 04/21/2020, 4:30:36 AM Will this also fit the 2018 GMC Canyon crew cab?
A 04/21/2020, 11:50:04 AM Yes, it's designed for the Colorado and Canyon crew cabs.
Q David Johnson • 05/06/2020, 3:13:46 PM are the cutouts on the sides and rear of the rack of a size that would allow LED light mounting from the inside of rack? (so they are flush on the outside)
A 05/07/2020, 4:02:09 PM They were not designed for that or any specific light.
Q Kevin Evans • 05/07/2020, 11:51:05 AM IS it possible to get more or find more of the expand pieces that go into the roof holes that are drilled? The ones I have will not lock into the hole I drilled with the bit that was sent with kit.
A 05/11/2020, 2:36:52 PM Please contact tech support at [email protected]
Q Steve • 06/01/2020, 9:36:12 PM I have a Chevy Colorado 2019 and would like to know if this would fit 2 kayaks?
A 06/02/2020, 12:36:31 PM Yes. You may want to use a universal "J" mount to secure them however.
Q Robert Beaubouef • 07/17/2020, 11:06:08 AM what mounting brackets are used on the 2020 ZR2 to attach this rack to. I know I have to drill holes in the ZR2 roof channels, just can't seem to find a bracket that says will work with 2020 ZR2.
A 07/21/2020, 11:50:23 AM This would work the same for your 2020.
Q Jonathan • 09/08/2020, 10:29:41 PM Does this rack cause any wind noise, if so how much wind noise.
A 09/09/2020, 3:00:07 PM Wind noise is minimal.
Q Jeremy • 12/08/2020, 7:12:20 PM Does this roof rack fit the 2021 Colorado
A 12/09/2020, 4:56:08 PM To our knowledge there were no changes to the roof on the 2021, so it should.
Q Andy • 06/05/2021, 8:34:30 PM Does this rack fit only short bed models or can I use it on my 2016 colorado crew cab long bed
A 06/11/2021, 3:00:33 PM We have not tested our mounts with long beds at this time.
Q John Bernard • 08/26/2021, 10:38:05 PM What are the dimensions on the extended cab roof rack? Thanks!
A 09/02/2021, 4:03:54 PM 62" x 47"
Q Zach • 11/26/2021, 6:16:58 PM Will this fit on an Extended Cab Long Box 4WD LT? Or just ZR models?
A 12/09/2021, 12:46:36 PM Yes, the extended cab rack will fit.
Q Candy • 10/29/2022, 11:51:38 PM Will this fit the 2007 Colorado?
A 11/03/2022, 12:16:41 PM It only fits 2015+
Q Ron • 08/06/2023, 8:37:15 AM How much height does this add to the vehicle.
A 08/09/2023, 12:19:09 PM About 2.5-3 inches.
Q Paul • 09/17/2023, 2:09:47 PM Will this fit a 2023 ZR2?
A 12/01/2023, 12:05:15 PM Yes, it will.
Q Bill • 12/14/2023, 5:58:43 AM I assume this roof rack will fit a 2023 gmc canyon
A 12/18/2023, 3:12:56 PM Yes, it will fit the Canyon as well as the Colorado.
Q Bill • 02/14/2024, 5:32:52 PM I brought this roof rack for my 2023 with the light bar cut out can I purchase just the fairing with not cut out if so how much would it cost?
A 02/14/2024, 5:36:48 PM That's not an item we sell on the website, but give our Sales team a call and they can put together pricing. 269-353-1184
★★★★★ ★★★★★
5/5 Stars out of 6 Reviews
product is quality but install instructions / process leave much to be desired.
(DC) | June 1st, 2022
the product is solid construction and fits well. However, the instructions and explanation is not thought out. First, there are no instructions in the box, you need to find them on the website down load them - annoying. Second, there is literally 150+ nuts, washers, and bolts and you only use a fraction of them. They are not organized and you need to dump them out on the floor and sort through the ones you need.....again, annoying. Third, there is no explanation of what to do with the other 75+ screws/nuts.... did I miss something?!?!? Forth, the directions that you downloaded then abruptly stop and it tells you to go watch the video.....ok, I guess I will go find that now.... annoying. Fith, what is "RTV" and where is it? No definition in directions, no explanation I need to go purchase that.... I guess I will go google it.... annoying.
Great Product - 16 Colorado Crew Cab
(California) | April 25th, 2022
This Rack is very well made and easy to assemble. Now drilling the holes in the cab was not V4x4's fault, however a better drill set for this job is suggested or maybe a video with suggested ways to get it done. I have plenty of patience and this was testing it for sure. For starters the provided drill bit was too small. I went through several drill bits to get it done. It almost seems like the front of the cab had three layers of metal and as soon as you hit the third layer, drilling just stops. Almost like it was Stainless Steel. The four holes at the rear of the cab were not so difficult. One of my Riv-Nuts ended up stripping. Had to bust it out and replace it. No big deal at all, the kit came with two extra Riv-Nuts. All-in-all, this is a really nice rack. V4x4 makes good stuff. Looking forward to more of their goodies.
Roof rack for 2nd Gen extended cab
(new jersey) | November 2nd, 2021
So they said it couldn't be done but then Victory 4x4 realized that my chevy 2nd gen colorado has the same roof size and cut as a Toyota rack they sell. Looking at the way its designed i knew it could be done. Im a carpenter so being able to put my tools in a cases up there is great. With that said, be really to make a day out of drilling into your roof burned through about 9 bits. Its hell ! but its on there and doesn't leak. Victory 4x4 was also there with any questions i had. Great company
Roof rack
(California) | December 3rd, 2020
The rack it’s self is well made for sure worth the money but the hardware used to instal is not good at all very cheap I needed to buy expensive drill bits and a rivet tool as well so I was disappointed with that but over all it’s a great product I’ve put it to the test many times.
Chevy Colorado roof rack
(Minnesota) | August 24th, 2020
Jesus.... Drilling the holes takes all the patience and a number of bits. Otherwise straight forward
ZR2 roof rack install
(Richland, MI) | April 23rd, 2020
Roof Rack arrived today at 11am. Got started on the install @1pm. Video was very helpful. Assembled on the garage floor then lifted it onto the truck to mark holes for drilling. The drilling was a royal PITA. There’s multiple layers of high-strength steel - particularly the front mount holes - which are extremely challenging. The supplied bit dulled quickly; I re-sharpened it multiple times. Finally purchased new cobalt steel bits and utilized them. FWIW I used an electric impact wrench (low-power setting) in lieu of the 10mm ratchet to set the roof nuts. Accelerated that part of the process. Rack looks great in place! My sole challenge was the drill bit. The product is great!


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