Roof Rack LED Light Kit

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  • Roof Rack LED Light Kit
  • Roof Rack LED Light Kit
  • Roof Rack LED Light Kit
  • Roof Rack LED Light Kit
  • Roof Rack LED Light Kit
  • Roof Rack LED Light Kit
  • Roof Rack LED Light Kit
  • Roof Rack LED Light Kit




Weight: 1 (lbs)

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    Designed to mount to any Victory 4x4 roof rack (or the Universal Cargo Basket) with no drilling required! Also works with any flat surface and a 4" to 4.5" wide slot for the bolts to pass through.

    This is a DIY kit, you will need to plan and supply your own wiring for these lights.
    • White (6000k) LED color for a less harsh task light in camp.
    • 5 watts per light
    • 900 lumens per light
    • CNC cut and formed from .078" steel.
    • Sold in pairs.
    • Includes two LED lights, stainless hardware, & brackets.
    • Wiring not included.

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Q Shannon • 11/25/2020, 6:27:51 PM Do you have any specs on the light output/wattage?
A 11/30/2020, 5:04:51 PM 700 Lumen, ~10 watts
Q tyler • 11/25/2020, 6:58:33 PM How bright is the light? How many lumens?
A 11/30/2020, 5:04:51 PM 700 Lumens
Q Jared Proulx • 11/25/2020, 9:11:45 PM Do you know the lumens on each if these?
A 11/30/2020, 5:04:51 PM 700 Lumens
Q Brandon • 11/26/2020, 1:53:04 PM What is the amp draw per light or set of lights?
A 11/30/2020, 5:04:51 PM Around 1.5 to 1.25 amps per pair at 12 - 14.5v
Q Emery • 11/28/2020, 12:31:18 PM What is the wattage per light?
A 11/30/2020, 5:04:51 PM ~9 watts
Q bobby • 12/02/2020, 9:38:58 AM Can you provide the Height and Width??? I am wondering if this would work on the back part of the 4Runner Full Length Rack.
A 12/04/2020, 9:42:30 AM They will work in the two outer holes on the rear fairing!
Q Joey • 12/03/2020, 3:11:48 PM How many lights come in the kit?
A 12/04/2020, 8:48:56 AM Two
Q Jeff • 12/29/2020, 1:46:17 PM Will these light pods fit the Victory 4x4 cargo basket? I would like to run them as both a reverse light and wire them to come on with the bed light switch in the cab of my 3rd Gen Tacoma
A 12/30/2020, 5:10:18 PM They would fit the outer holes on the cargo basket, yes.
Q Quan • 12/29/2020, 8:50:34 PM Will these work if I have an awning mounted on the same side?
A 12/30/2020, 5:10:18 PM They do on our shop truck, with out awning mounts, and a FreeSpirit awning. You just have to mount them as low on the rack as possible.
Q Emilio • 02/25/2021, 2:14:46 AM Are these your own brand?
A 03/01/2021, 3:13:17 PM We don't manufacture them, no.
Q Emilio • 02/25/2021, 2:15:33 AM Do you have lights for the rear?
A 03/01/2021, 3:13:17 PM These will work in the rear rack fairings, but the light angles will change depending on the fairing.
Q Leah • 04/14/2021, 8:57:23 PM Will these work on the side of the 4Runner full length rack in the smaller cutouts towards the back?
A 04/21/2021, 2:11:12 PM Yes
Q Todd • 04/22/2021, 7:46:03 PM Will these lights somehow mount to your cap / topper rack to be used as back up lights as well as scene lighting ie facing rear
A 04/28/2021, 5:52:40 PM You may be able to come up with a way to mount them on the last crossbar, but we haven't tried that specifically.
Q James Casserly • 04/24/2021, 2:11:51 PM Can I fit 2 pair on 2019 RAV4 victory rack and would you suggest wire lines and control kit? Thanks!
A 04/28/2021, 5:26:15 PM Sure on two pair. We don't have specific wiring recommendations, but if you search for Universal LED Light Wiring Harness you will find tons of options on the internet.
Q Reynaldo Peru • 05/31/2021, 0:47:30 AM What are the dimensions for this light? I’m using it on a different platform other than a roof rack?
A 06/04/2021, 10:30:55 AM It's 5L x 2.6H x 1.8" deep.
Q Shaun • 07/26/2021, 4:21:36 PM What is the angle and or area of coverage on these lights?
A 08/12/2021, 3:19:21 PM It's a 90 degree beam angle. Good coverage as a flood light.
Q Dino • 10/08/2021, 8:42:23 AM Will these work with your roof rack awning and accessory mount?
A 10/13/2021, 10:19:50 AM Yes they will!
Q Jennifer • 12/19/2021, 3:48:14 AM Will these work for your bumper as well?
A 12/20/2021, 10:35:29 AM They will not. For the bumpers we recommend Baja Designs Squadron Sport LED cube lights or the Baja Designs 20" LED light bar. Checkout our Lighting page.
Q roger • 01/24/2022, 5:12:56 PM what is the measurement mounting hole to mounting hole?
A 01/26/2022, 4:35:45 PM 3 11/16"
Q Chris • 02/10/2022, 7:54:51 PM What is the minimum size cut-out required to flush mount these lights?
A 02/11/2022, 12:21:34 PM You will need a 4" to 4.5" wide slot for the bolts to pass through.
Q Sarah • 02/14/2022, 7:51:13 PM Any suggestions of where to get the wiring package for these?
A 02/17/2022, 3:23:38 PM Search Amazon for LED wiring harness.
Q Jenna • 02/21/2022, 2:46:43 PM can these lights be mounted in the front to shine ahead of the vehicle?
A 03/04/2022, 1:42:15 PM These are intended to mount to the side of our roof racks but could be mounted to any flat surface that has been drilled to accommodate them.
Q Victor • 05/12/2022, 11:47:09 PM Will these fit a prinsu full length roof rack?
A 05/16/2022, 9:41:12 AM They will work with any flat surface and a 4" to 4.5" wide slot for the bolts to pass through. If you don't have an existing space on the rack for the bolts, you could drill a hole for each one.
Q ben • 10/01/2022, 12:39:30 PM If I install two each side so total of 4, what amp fuse I should use for them?
A 10/11/2022, 4:41:02 PM 5A fuse should work great.
Q Mason • 10/26/2022, 3:23:30 PM If you don't manufacture these, who does?
A 10/27/2022, 10:07:38 AM They are imported.
Q Mitch • 03/28/2023, 1:11:59 AM Why do these require a slot? Could they not be mounted to a solid piece of metal with one hole drilled for the wire, and one hole drilled for each bolt?
A 03/30/2023, 3:32:31 PM Sure.
Q Adam Martin • 06/12/2023, 1:13:30 PM I have a set of lights from another project with the same mounting hole spacing. Do you guys by chance sell those backing plates separate? Would love to get my amber RV lights I already have from another project mounted.
A 06/22/2023, 11:15:15 AM We do not sell the mounting brackets separately.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
5/5 Stars out of 3 Reviews
Great Customer Service
(CA) | October 19th, 2021
Love the lights! With their awning brackets the lights fits perfectly under it and I have light for whatever I need to do under the awning at night. Customer service was great. I accidentally blew one out, it was completely my fault was ready to pay for a new one. The guy at customer service got me a new one free no questions asked! Note: I have their roof rack. Not sure if it’d fit any other roof racks
Lights work fantastic, easy install and super clean look
(Bend, Oregon) | May 21st, 2021
I mounted both lights in the rear to help with loading stuff at dawn and also for backing up purposes (the FJ has the world's worst blind spot so anything that helps is welcome!). Love these lights for the way they look, fit, and function. I had my local stereo shop install fat-mat sound deadening in the roof and install a weather-tight penetration in the roof using one of those RV-type grommets through the roof. Then ran the wires to a dedicated circuit and switch. These lights are bright and useful. They don't get hung up on branches or brush, and are out of the way when mounting stuff on the roof.
Not a review but an idea
(Alaska) | February 2nd, 2021
Make these with an internal battery pack, AAs or 9V with a rubberized on and off switch on the top of them.
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