FJ Cruiser Roof Rack

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  • FJ Cruiser Roof Rack
  • FJ Cruiser Roof Rack
  • FJ Cruiser Roof Rack
  • FJ Cruiser Roof Rack
  • FJ Cruiser Roof Rack
  • FJ Cruiser Roof Rack




Weight: 58 (lbs)

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      This roof rack system allows for mounting almost anything, freeing up valuable cargo space for other trip essentials. Comes coated with a two-stage satin textured black powdercoat over a durable zinc primer finish.

    • CNC cut and formed from 3/16" aluminum (steel mounting brackets) with extruded aluminum rails
    • Easy bolt-together installation
    • No drilling required
    • Available with or without 40" lightbar cutout
      • Lightbar cutout version includes light bar mounting brackets
      • Cutout fairing designed for 41.25" max lens housing width single row LED light bar. Up to 43.5" (mounting stud width) bar will fit with our mounts, but trimming of the fairing will be required
    • Milled T-nut access points
    • Fairing Edge Trim Included
    • Powdercoated
    • Hardware Included
      • Black stainless hardware available here, or see related products below.
    • Made in the USA
    • Free shipping!
    We recommend using paint protection film under the front and rear fairings, where they contact the vehicle. This will prevent dirt and debris from scratching the paint over time.

    Dynamic (road) weight rating is 200 lbs. Static and jarring off-road weight limits are at your discretion.

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Q William • 10/03/2020, 7:04:08 PM How does the cutout for the 40” light work? Is it mounted to the rack itself?
A 10/06/2020, 2:10:22 PM The light bar mounts are mounted to the top of the forwardmost crossbar.
Q Ryan Lightfoot • 10/09/2020, 9:17:30 PM can you mount hi lift jack to the side of the rack? I am looking at this rack for our new Ikamper RTT. Also can you mount rear lights to the back of the rack? Thanks
A 10/16/2020, 3:25:50 PM We don't offer specific mounting solutions for either of those currently, but it's 100% possible. If they are compatible with your RTT, our awning mounts (part: VRKAWN) would also work for a hi-lift with some creative hardware to mount the jack.
Q Mike • 10/13/2020, 0:11:21 AM How much weight can it support ?
A 10/16/2020, 3:25:50 PM Toyota rates the FJ roof with a factory rack at "Max load 165 lbs evenly distributed." Our rack itself can handle significantly more weight than that, and we've had 250 lbs dynamic weight on it without issue, static capacity is certainly well above that. All these weight will be at your discretion as they are above Toyota "recommended" capacities. If you need more information please contact us directly at [email protected]
Q Jason Davis • 10/13/2020, 7:08:35 PM Mounts on 2014 fj look different then what’s on your video will rack work on 2014 FJ?
A 10/16/2020, 3:53:33 PM The video is of a 2014 FJ.
Q Randy Russell • 10/18/2020, 12:07:52 PM Can you give me the length and width of the top area of the rack? Sizing it up for a roof top tent.
A 10/26/2020, 5:00:50 PM Useable space is about 51" wide by 76" long without the load sticking over the sides or front/rear fairings.
Q Maria Huber • 03/01/2021, 9:09:24 PM Can some of the cross bars be left off? I do have a pano sunroof and I don’t want to look up and see cross bars all the time. I know it said it was compatible with standard sunroofs but I’m wondering if I can leave the first few crossbars off, add them back in then needed. Thanks!
A 03/05/2021, 9:32:53 AM Yes, you can!
Q Jacob • 04/05/2021, 2:24:11 PM Question about the lightbar cutout fairing and mounting. When mounted, does the lightbar sit lower or even with the closest/front-most cross member? I understand that the answer could vary depending on the lightbar, so perhaps just providing some more accurate measurements of the cutoff space in relation to the surround rack components would help. I ask because I will most likely be using the rack to haul building materials such as 2x4 and plywood sheets. I would NOT want any of those resting on the lightbar, rather hanging over it with all the weight on the crossmembers. I imagine people hauling a kayak would also have the same concern. Thanks!
A 04/12/2021, 1:13:17 PM Depending on the light bar it could sit slightly proud of the height of the first bar. The Rigid and Baja Designs bars will be flush with the top of the first cross bar.
Q Jason • 04/06/2021, 1:30:14 PM How does this change the height profile of the FJ compared to the factory rack? I want to be sure I could still get the FJ in the garage.
A 04/12/2021, 1:13:17 PM The factory rack adds roughly 7” above the roof, ours adds roughly 3.25”.
Q Aaron • 06/01/2021, 9:49:19 PM Do you know if the frontrunner quick release tent mounts would fit to this rack? Just bought my roof rack from you today and looking at that tent for my next purchase but need a quick disconnect system
A 06/04/2021, 10:57:43 AM As long as they will work parallel to the crossbars, they should work just fine.
Q Addie • 08/05/2021, 2:47:27 PM Will this roof rack fit on the ‘07 FJ Cruiser Model?
A 08/12/2021, 4:22:04 PM Yes.
Q Tracy • 12/08/2021, 5:33:39 PM What is the weight of the rack?
A 12/09/2021, 10:23:29 AM About 58lbs
Q Jesse Pollard • 02/20/2022, 4:44:58 PM Will this rack work for 2013 trail teams ?
A 02/28/2022, 10:00:37 AM Yes, it will.
Q Jesse Pollard • 02/21/2022, 3:23:06 PM Will this fit 2013 FJ trail teams?
A 02/28/2022, 10:00:10 AM Yes, it will.
Q Adam Engle • 04/16/2022, 4:31:42 PM Hi. I notice that the front and rear fairings make contact with the roof of the FJ. Is there a specific reason for that or could that fairing be trimmed down on the bottom so it doesnt make contact? Thank you
A 04/25/2022, 10:58:58 AM Yes, making contact prevents wind noise and vibration in the fairing.
Q Paul • 06/04/2022, 9:51:37 AM If I'm carrying a 17' canoe on this rack, (extending over front and back), do the front/back fairings bear the load, or do the cross bars stick up slightly higher than the fairings so that they carry the load? Can the fairing carry the load if it does stick up higher than the crossbar?
A 06/09/2022, 3:18:46 PM They are all at the same height.
Q Max • 10/10/2022, 9:31:04 PM Is this rack compatible with a ski/snowboard rack?
A 10/11/2022, 4:41:02 PM Most universal accessories (or even Yakima and Thule ones) will work great as long as they fit around the 2" x 1" crossbars on our racks.
Q Scott Springer • 12/14/2022, 2:53:04 AM Can I get this rack in raw aluminum? And would it be any cheaper?
A 12/20/2022, 2:28:33 PM We only offer the rack in black powdercoat at this time.
Q Mark C • 03/10/2023, 6:51:04 PM How many inches do the crossbars sit above the roof? I have a Yakima Skyrise RTT with the Yakima rail with spin vice clamps. I'm wondering if the Yakima clamp is compatible with the Victory crossbars. The clamps might not fit around the crossbars?
A 03/13/2023, 12:13:56 PM Those clamps should work fine. We have found on the Yakima clamps removing any rubber inside the clamps is necessary for them to fit around or 1 x 2 crossbars, however.
Q Dean • 11/27/2023, 2:22:46 PM Just wondering if you ship to Australia, and approx. how much would freight cost?
A 11/29/2023, 11:37:31 AM Please email our support team at [email protected]
Q Travis B • 01/08/2024, 4:28:32 PM Does the roof rack mount to same hardware/holes as OEM roof rack on 2007 FJ?
A 01/11/2024, 11:53:44 AM Yes.
Q Hector • 02/25/2024, 9:30:13 PM Can I order just the faring, with light cut-outs?
A 05/31/2024, 10:46:13 AM Give our customer service team a call. 269-353-1184
★★★★★ ★★★★★
5/5 Stars out of 10 Reviews
Fits 2016 FJ perfectly.
(Saudi Arabia) | October 19th, 2023
The boxes with the roof rack arrived to my house in the USA in perfect condition. Then I took them for a little airplane ride on Lufthansa to Dammam, Saudi Arabia where my 2016 FJ lives. I had taped the two boxes together and the whole unit went with no extra charges just like it was a set of snow skis. The FJ is very popular here and was manufactured until 2022. There are a lot of them on and off the roads here. I had no trouble assembling the rack and had it completely installed in 45 minutes. It looks amazing and I get many complements on it and asked where I purchased it. makes a similar looking rack here but it is steel and weighs 46 Kilos as compared to the Victory rack which is 26 kilos. This rack is a seriously well built piece of kit and has had no problems in the last 3 months of desert camping and dune bashing. The wind noise is a bit loud at the highway speed limit of 140 kph (90 mph) here but that's what the volume knob on the radio is for.
Note From Victory 4x4: Thanks for the review, Nathan! Awesome to hear the rack made it to Saudi Arabia and is working well!
Absolutely love my rack
(MT) | February 25th, 2023
Went together flawlessly. Fit like a glove. I ordered it with the light bar cut out and awning brackets. Turned out better than expected. I should have known that we got one on our 4runnee as well. Couldn't be happier
Note From Victory 4x4: Thanks, Dan!
Victory Roof Rack, FJ Cruiser
(WA) | September 24th, 2022
Just finished building and installing the roof rack on my 2012 FJ Cruiser. Went slow, didn't want to do anything twice, everything fit and no issues with quality. I put all the roof mounts as low as possible, figuring I'd have to do some adjustments - once the roof was prepped, set it down on top and it literally dropped right into the oem mounting holes. I couldn't believe it... all projects have that frustrating moment where it should just work but doesn't - this one, not that way. FIT PERFECTLY. Locked it down, and confirmed this was an excellent decision as I rocked the car by using the newly installed roof rack, was rock solid. On a side note, the directions could be a little better about the mounting brackets, as they are side specific, but can be easily reversed without being noticed.
Note From Victory 4x4: Thanks for the review, Matthew. Glad you love it!
Buy victory products. They actually fit!
(Oklahoma) | December 8th, 2021
I have bought a lot of different products that were supposed to “fit” my fj cruiser. Drawer systems, fuel tanks, etc. Victory is the only company that I have purchased from that actually makes FJ cruiser specific products… they fit, they bolt up to existing mount placements.. they are THE company to buy from.. period.
FJ Cruiser Roof Rack
(Arizona) | October 24th, 2021
Easy install and fits nicely... and it looks good too.
Great item/service
(Oklahoma) | August 6th, 2021
After purchasing this roof rack, when it arrived, the side rails were bent to about 130 deg. During shipping. I send Victory pictures of the item and explained how I had received the item.. No problem whatsoever with their customer service. They shipped new side rails and didn’t ask to return the damaged items. Aside from that, I basically put the rack together and installed it myself. No fit problems whatsoever…
(PA) | August 5th, 2021
Really easy to install. Pretty hard to mess up and even if you are confused there is a clear cut installation video on YouTube. Looks awesome, stands out and really durable.
Great roof rack
(Oklahoma) | July 5th, 2021
Purchased this for a 2013 FJ Cruiser. Was easy to assemble, just make sure to pay attention to how you mount the brackets that attach to the roof. I purchased the front fairing with the light bar cutout. A Black Oak 40" single row will also fit this cutout. I also purchased the farmjack mounting brackets. It comes with wingnuts to secure the jack, but a hilift locking nut will also fit the threads. Overall very pleased with the rack. Will be mounting some of the angled lights along the side once I receive them, may also get the gas can mount once I receive the lights.
Clean lines, super strong, works great
(Bend, Oregon) | May 21st, 2021
The Victory 4x4 rack sits low on the roof and form-fits to the roofline. It is very well made and I installed in about 2 hours in my garage. It helps to watch the instructional video...some tips and tricks for sure. On my rack I mounted a RiverQuiver 4-banger fly rod rack, roof shovel, high lift jack, and MaxTrax. It all lays very flat and low, and I can even lay my inflatable FlyCraft Stealth 12-foot inflatable drift boat on top of everything, which was the goal with this rack. I also have the two rear back-up / work lights installed and working fine. They fit perfectly in the CNC'd slots. Super clean install, and let's face it, having backup lights on an FJ is a must since visibility is a real issue with the huge blind spots. There is less wind noise than the stock racks (which are terrible and very difficult to remove, btw). Love the look and function. Super cool rack, highly recommend.
Rock solid
(Michigan) | February 3rd, 2021
This is our second roof rack purchase from Victory 4x4. This is a solid and sturdy roof rack. Easy to assemble and install, and looks awesome on our FJ. Great product once again from V4x4!!


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