Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)

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  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)
  • Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)

Price: $699.00


Code: VT23RK

Weight: 41 (lbs)

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    This roof rack system allows for mounting almost anything, freeing up valuable bed space for other trip essentials. Comes coated with a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish.

    • CNC cut and formed from 3/16" aluminum (steel mounting brackets) with extruded aluminum rails
    • Easy bolt together installation
    • No drilling required (Drilling required on Access Cab Only)
    • Works with TRD Desert Air Intake
    • Available with or without 40" lightbar cutout
      • Lightbar cutout version includes light bar mounting brackets
      • Cutout fairing designed for 41.25" max lens housing width single row LED light bar. Up to 43.5" (mounting stud width) bar will fit with our mounts, but trimming of the fairing will be required
    • Milled T-nut access points
    • Sunroof tilt and sliding function works with racks.
    • Powdercoated
    • Hardware Included
      • Black stainless hardware available, see related products
    • Made in the USA
    • Free shipping!

    Rack sits 2.5" above the highest point of the roof (center point).

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40 Questions asked on Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+)

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Q Jason • 03/17/2020, 10:43:41 PM Hey, I was just wondering what the cross bar width is? Thanks...
A 03/25/2020, 3:11:33 PM Right around 47"
Q Shaun • 04/02/2020, 12:47:44 PM What is the depth of the crossbars? Depth meaning orientation from front of vehicle to the back.
A 04/06/2020, 2:43:37 PM The usable dimensions of this rack is about 54" long by 47" wide.
Q Matthew • 04/02/2020, 11:15:34 PM Is it possible to mount lights that face out to the sides of the truck?
A 04/06/2020, 2:43:37 PM Sure, we recommend using surface mount lights as nothing readily fits in the current holes. Many small rock lights come with angle mounting brackets. Those would work well.
Q Campbell Taylor • 04/07/2020, 11:55:29 PM does only a single row light bar fit on this rack?
A 04/17/2020, 5:09:59 PM Yes, it is designed for a single row bar only. You may be able to make a dual row fit, but it would stick above the top of the rack.
Q Cory McDermott • 04/09/2020, 1:52:55 PM Will this light bar fit your rack, without altering it: Superchips LIT E-Series 40 Single Row LED Combo Light Bar - 71041
A 04/17/2020, 5:09:59 PM Based on the dimensions of "41.8" housing width" from the Superchips website, yes.
Q Ethan • 04/09/2020, 8:40:40 PM Does the roof rack come with tent and other accessories
A 04/17/2020, 5:09:59 PM No
Q Gaeton • 05/04/2020, 1:20:14 PM Hello. What is the height of the rack without the 2.5" space at its highest point? Is there a noise reduction option available? Thanks.
A 05/05/2020, 3:07:07 PM The top of the rack is 2.5" above the surface of the roof when installed. The rack comes with rubber weatherstripping for noise reduction.
Q Shaun • 05/04/2020, 2:17:43 PM Does the rubber guard for the bottom of the wind deflector come standard?
A 05/05/2020, 3:07:07 PM Yes it does. But we also suggest using some 3M paint protection film on your paint underneath it, and that is not included.
Q Alexander Clute • 05/07/2020, 4:25:46 PM If hauling kayaks or anything else long, really: Can weight be placed on the light bar attached to this rack without any problems? Additionally, does the TACOMA BED RACK MODULAR BASE line up with this rack so one would be able to use it for hauling something flat? Or would there need to be additional steps taken for that?
A 05/11/2020, 2:36:52 PM That really depends on the strength of the light and if it sticks above the rack rail surface at all. Our full-height bed rack is lower than the roof rack, but adding our universal cargo basket on top of the bed rack will make them similar heights.
Q Spa Duck Specialties Inc. • 05/10/2020, 9:42:53 AM How much does the access cab roof rack weigh & what is the weight capacity?
A 05/11/2020, 2:36:52 PM Around 38lbs. Toyota rates the Tacoma roof with a factory rack at "Max load 100 lbs evenly distributed." Our rack itself can handle significantly more weight than that, and we've had 200lbs dynamic weight on it without issue, static capacity is certainly well above that. All these weight will be at your discretion as they are above Toyota "recommended" capacities. If you need more information please contact us directly at [email protected]
Q Will • 05/23/2020, 5:55:10 PM Does the shark fin antenna need to be removed from a double cab to install this?
A 05/27/2020, 3:57:49 PM No, it clears fine.
Q Matthew • 06/07/2020, 2:44:01 PM Do you sell the front fairing with the light bar cutout separately so one could add that (swap out the front fairing without the cutout) & a light bar in the future when it might be wanted/needed?
A 06/10/2020, 4:43:34 PM Yes, but you will have to call us.
Q nash Mcsweeney • 06/11/2020, 12:38:43 PM what are the dimensions of the side cutouts, I am looking to install side rock lights. Thank you.
A 06/16/2020, 10:12:23 AM They vary, but roughly 4" x 1.25"
Q Andrew Schulz • 06/12/2020, 3:05:47 AM Hey there, I noticed in the photos that there are the Rigid Scene lights Mounted on the side of the rack. I was wondering if the holes are pre-drilled to mount the light or if additional drilling was required? Thank you
A 06/16/2020, 10:12:23 AM Additional drilling is required.
Q Justin • 07/05/2020, 1:24:15 AM What is the static and dynamic load capacity? And how much static load can the roof of a tacoma handle?
A 07/07/2020, 2:39:07 PM Toyota rates the Tacoma roof with a factory rack at "Max load 100 lbs evenly distributed." Our rack itself can handle significantly more weight than that, and we've had 200lbs dynamic weight on it without issue, static capacity is certainly well above that. All these weight will be at your discretion as they are above Toyota "recommended" capacities. If you need more information please contact us directly at [email protected]
Q Tiffany Goodwin • 09/06/2020, 3:32:42 PM I want to use your system on my Taco. I have a 2019 TRD PRO. I have purchased a roof top tent that is a foot longer than the bed. I want to position the extra foot over the cab. I was wondering how much shorter the access cap roof rack is then the four door.
A 09/09/2020, 3:00:07 PM The access cab rack would not work on the double cab.
Q Glen • 09/07/2020, 8:45:00 PM For the metal supports, what is the metal thickness?
A 09/09/2020, 3:00:07 PM The mounting brackets are .188
Q Taylor Curtis • 09/14/2020, 7:22:11 PM Are these rack compatible with sun/moonroofs or can they be modified to be compatible? I have a 2019 tacoma trd off road with a moonroof.
A 09/24/2020, 11:01:43 AM They work fine will all functions of the factory sunroof.
Q Thomas • 09/27/2020, 12:34:02 PM Would it be possible to mount something like a Thule rocket box to the cross bars for carrying skis?
A 10/01/2020, 1:40:01 PM Sure, but you will probably have to bolt it directly to the rack crossbars as opposed to using the Thule clamps.
Q Frank Martinez • 09/29/2020, 1:12:42 AM does this roof rack interfere with satelite radio service,,? because i had a Body Armour sport utility rack before, and it would interfere with satelite service in certain areas.
A 10/01/2020, 1:40:01 PM I can depending on signal strength.
Q Max • 10/02/2020, 9:59:58 PM I have a 2019 TRD Pro with the Desert Air Intake, it looks like the head of the intake is mounted near where the roof rack would mount. Any idea if this roof rack is compatible with the DAI?
A 10/06/2020, 2:10:22 PM The rack is compatible with that intake. In fact some of the product photos show it with the intake installed.
Q Bruce Locklear • 10/26/2020, 4:05:15 PM Do you sell a light for this rack?
A 10/26/2020, 5:00:50 PM Yes, see: https://www.victory4x4.com/product/7040XX.html
Q Cameron Kent • 11/04/2020, 6:05:07 PM What is max outer dimensions for lights bar for access cab roof rack
A 11/10/2020, 5:20:32 PM Same as the double cab. Will be in the product description.
Q Joel • 12/17/2020, 5:02:43 PM How does this system hold up with a RTT?
A 12/23/2020, 5:37:41 PM We haven't tested that at the shop, but we have had customers have good luck with it.
Q christopher • 01/06/2021, 12:15:08 PM What are the useable dimensions of the access cab rack?
A 01/07/2021, 1:16:37 PM 47" x 38" roughly useable on the access cab.
Q Shaun • 01/21/2021, 8:23:29 AM Two questions. First can I obtain the cutout fairing from you after the fact? Second would this https://caliraisedled.com/products/42-slim-single-row-led-bar fit with or without trimming said fairing?
A 01/25/2021, 11:34:30 AM Yes and yes.
Q Adam • 02/16/2021, 6:35:12 PM Would it be possible to mount a Hi-Life jack to the side of the rack instead of the top? What kind of hardware do I need to mount a Hi-Lift jack in either position?
A 02/26/2021, 11:22:33 AM We do not have a side mount for a Hi-Lift but for the top of the rack you can use our Hi-Lift mounting brackets. victory4x4.com/product/VRKHLM.html
Q Michael • 03/17/2021, 8:48:26 PM Will this roof rack support a roof top tent? Specifically the Tuff Stuff Alpha hard top tent.
A 03/22/2021, 6:22:06 PM We've had customers install RTTs on cab racks, and the rack itself can support the weight. You would likely be above Toyota's recommended capacity on the roof however (150lbs) so this would be at your own risk.
Q Jessie • 04/04/2021, 10:52:23 AM Which kayaks racks are best for this rack or should I just tie it down right on the rack itself? Thank you.
A 04/12/2021, 1:13:17 PM We've done universal J mounts as well as just tied them top down on top of foam on the rack. Both work well.
Q ken • 04/11/2021, 8:01:45 PM will this fit with the sharkfin XM satellite antenna on the top rear of the cab?
A 04/12/2021, 1:13:17 PM Yes.
Q Yu Kanazawa • 05/08/2021, 3:02:38 PM Can rear fairing take some weight? I’m thinking I’ll place my canoe alone and will have to rest one end on the rear fairing with cut pool noodle or something to protect the surface, and lift the other end to push canoe up.
A 05/12/2021, 2:02:55 PM It can take some, yes. Pool noodle or other foam protection is a good idea.
Q jacob • 05/25/2021, 6:58:28 PM does the light bar come with the wiring harness
A 06/04/2021, 10:30:55 AM The lightbar option on this rack ONLY includes a light bar compatible fairing and mount, it does not include the light bar or harness.
Q Rim • 06/15/2021, 2:54:46 PM Hello I purchased this roof rack and love it, but I was wondering what I needed to purchase to mount 2 mountain bikes on top, thank you
A 06/25/2021, 11:53:18 AM There are many options for this, from single fork mounts to full length bike rails. You can contact our tech support team directly for some more info, or your local bike shop may be able to help.
Q Justin • 06/20/2021, 1:58:18 AM Is this a series 10 extrusion
A 06/25/2021, 11:39:28 AM Yes
Q Gavin Corbin • 06/23/2021, 1:19:31 AM I assembled the roof rack perfectly and placed it on my roof today. while I am driving down the street the front fairing makes a horrible rattling sound from the wind passing under it. I have it as low as it can go almost touching the roof of the truck with the weather stripping on it but the wind still gets under it. how can I stop the noise?
A 06/25/2021, 12:04:58 PM Please contact our tech support team and we can walk you through trouble shooting.
Q Scott Shepherd • 06/27/2021, 9:07:13 PM How does a light bar mount to this? Where are the mounting holes? What dimensions?
A 07/08/2021, 1:33:12 PM We supply brackets, they mount on top of the front most crossbar. Width is adjustable up to the max we specify.
Q ron • 08/11/2021, 0:44:10 AM Does this just use the 2021 stock roof holes for the mounting bolts?? I saw a video showing you guys drilling into the roof? why not use stock holes?
A 08/12/2021, 4:22:04 PM In the Double Cab it uses the stock holes in the roof, in the Access Cab there are no stock holes so drilling is required.
Q Jeremiah M. McCabe • 08/25/2021, 4:11:39 PM Have you tested fitment with a camper on the access cab, such as a GFC, Vagabond, or Four Wheel for clearance under flex? I would like the fairing for an 05 Tacoma w/ a V2 GFC Camper.
A 09/02/2021, 4:03:54 PM We have not tested with a camper no.
Q Nathan Peterson • 09/08/2021, 3:19:03 AM How is the roof rack mounted to the top of the cab? Will I have to drill into the roof to install it?
A 09/09/2021, 10:29:08 AM Drilling is required on the Access Cab only. The Double Cab bolts directly to factory mounting locations.
Q Eric • 10/11/2021, 11:14:03 PM I Need to carry skis on roof rack. Do u sell accessories for that?
A 10/18/2021, 12:43:31 PM We do not. We recommend the Thule Snowpack 6, they will mount to the roof rack crossbars. Most of Thule's universal mounts should work with our Roof Racks.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.89/5 Stars out of 27 Reviews
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(Auburn Wa) | July 13th, 2021
This rack is awesome. I chose victory over the other brands because getting answers from them and lead times were the best. I also think they have the coolest logo of anyone. The rack is strong and light weight and the finish on it is great. Everything was very well packed and nothing was damaged or scratched when it was shipped. I will be buying more of their products in the future.
Love the rack
(Texas) | April 18th, 2021
I was nervous about install in the beginning, but quickly executed everything once I got going. Just completed install an hour ago. Still working on the roof trim molding to fit in a strip instead of in pieces. That's my only complaint. I love how secure it is. I will write back once I take her on the road. But overall I love it. All my aftermarket parts will be victory.
Awesome rack!
(TX) | February 24th, 2021
First and foremost, yes, I also had wind noise. When I got the rack (with the lightbar cutout) I did not have a light bar yet, and the wind noise was so noticeable that I felt like I was the loudest thing on the road, though I doubt other drivers could hear it. However, once I mounted the light bar, the wind noise almost completely subsided and I've gotten used to whatever little noise there is and now I don't hear any difference. I haven't mounted too much to this rack except an awning, but it's very sturdy and I like it. I've gotten a lot of questions and positive remarks about it. Installation was slow for me, because I was trying to salvage the rubber strip in the channels on the roof. That took some cutting and trimming, and I used some sealant on the bolt holes on the roof to ensure there was no leaking. Overall, looks really good and I love the rack!
Wind Noise
(Austin, TX) | January 22nd, 2021
The amount of wind noise I got from this rack was insane. Going over 50+ mph it sounds like I'm in a tornado! Overall the build was decent but wish there was some way to get rid of the wind noise. I tried everything and even contacted Victory.
Note From Victory 4x4: Mike, wind noise is not a common thing we hear about this rack. Please contact our customer service team again so we can help you troubleshoot.
Roof Rack and sliders
(Arizona) | December 29th, 2020
Purchased both the roof rack and the sliders. Install went well referred to the online video more than anything. Wish now that I purchased the roof rack with the light cut out but we’ll see what I end up doing for lights. Hope they change all the bolts to a black metal don’t really like the shiny stainless look prefer black on black. Overall great products!
Excellent product
(Michigan) | December 18th, 2020
I purchased this rack several months ago and have had it installed for a couple months now. I love this rack! It looks sharp, it is constructed quite well, and the versatility is exactly what I was looking for. A couple notes regarding my experience: As was mentioned by someone earlier, the power coating on the ends of the aluminum cross bars did make the install a little frustrating but it was something that was easily worked through with some patience. I was sent two right-side forward mounting brackets (the forward ones are side-specific). Since I didn't find that out until I had already put the rack together and was doing the install at a community garage I had to continue the install with only 5 mounts until the correct mount was received. Thankfully, Victory4x4 got the new hardware sent in super short time so I was only riding with the partial-install for a couple days. I installed a Diode Dynamics 42" Stage Series light bar in the cutout. If you haven't checked out Diode Dynamics, do yourself a favor and check them out. Anyway, the light bar was able to fit in the spot set behind the wind fairing without any modifications. The cross bar and light was at the furthest aft position and there was about an inch and a half to two inches between the wind fairing and the front face of the light. That being said, I was getting a low frequency rumble between 50-65 mph that was headache-inducing! After some trouble shooting, I found that this was because my light bar was set back from the fairing enough to create a turbulent wind event under the fairing at those speeds. The solution was pretty simple, I notched the sides of the wind fairing to allow the light bar to move forward and be flush with the front of the fairing. Now there's no rumble and the wind noise is considerably less. All in all, I'm very satisfied with this product, the customer service, and the company in general, and I would recommend them to anyone!
Note From Victory 4x4: Thanks for the review! Glad you were able to work out the buffeting with the larger light bar.
Easy install, great look, solid construction
(Tacoma, Wa) | November 23rd, 2020
I was nervous about removing the weather stripping from my car and cutting it to fit around the rack, but it was a lot easier than expected. Threads were a little tight during assembly, but with the right tools everything goes together securely. Clearance between the rack and roof is sufficient for me to mount my Yakima roof box, which just grabs two of the cross beams. Happy with the final look and functionality.
Best rack on the market.
(MA) | October 28th, 2020
I have been researching a lot of roof racks for my Tacoma. In my humble opinion, Victory won me over with their price, their expandability, their functionality, their powder coating, and the aspect of it having three uprights on both sides. Please look around and you will recognize that you will keep on coming back to Victory over and over again, like I did. Wind noise is pretty much nonexistent and customer service is absolutely top-notch. Victory now has a customer for life.
Great Product and Service
(North Carolina) | October 7th, 2020
Roof rack was delivered as detailed in their delayed production advertisement. Assembling and mounting took a bit longer than expected due to a bit of debris (probably from powder coating) making it harder to bolt on. The sales/service team reached out and sent a new piece to correct the issue. Very helpful with the entire process. Highly recommend it. Super durable and have been adding more to my truck.
Awesome roof rack for my access cab
(New Hampshire) | September 18th, 2020
I love the roof rack, its very well built and definately reflects the quality I was hoping for. I appreciated that it was a little cheaper than prinsu and came with the weatherstripping which other sites would charge extra for. Thank you for making a rack for an access cab, everything else I found was for a double cab. I also like it because it provides enough clearance for my kayak racks. Very happy with it would recommend to anyone.


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